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  1. AlphaZulu

    Where are you flying your C90

    Just finishing a real-time trip around the world in it... Details if anyone is interested
  2. OK latest - several more CTDs, then returning BSODs. Finally did what Spesimen suggested - DRAM was under warranty so I exchanged it completely (Patriot Viper was replaced by Corsair Vengeance - 4x8Gb at 1866 MHz). So far no lags, hesitations, CTDs, BSODs, etc. Ran Carenado C90B with all sliders full right through a real-time rain storm to ILS at BOS with all the 2D screens, etc - never a glitch. I'm (hopefully) considering the issue resolved and thank all of you for your help and suggestions. - Jeff Welsh
  3. Thanks JIm - did the diagnostic and checked out OK, but I noticed Win 7 was using only 16 Gigs (of the 32 installed) - of course, then learned it was a limitation in Home Premium, upgraded and - so far (about 12 hours of testing) no BSODs. I do still get some CTDs, however - making progress I guess. Is there a good program to diagnose driver issues? Thanks again for your help...
  4. Brand new custom build to run FSX (specs below): Runs perfectly, beautiful graphics - but locks at random times, sometimes no message, sometimes "Microsoft Flight Simulator has stopped working", sometimes BSOD "MEMORY-MANAGEMENT" or BSOD "PFN_LIST_CORRUPT" I would appreciate any advice on where to look; replace the RAM? Change settings? Thanks in advance MOBO: Asus Z87-Plus, BIOS 1207 x64 ver 07/01/2013 CPU: Intel i7-4770k @3.5 GHz (no OC), hyperthreading enabled DRAM: PDP Systems (Patriot) 4x8Gb, 1600MHz DDR3, XMP disabled GPU: EVGA GTX770 4Gb, no ASPM SATA SSD: Corsair Neutro 256 Gb (Windows and FSX live here) SATA HDD: WDC Wd2002FAEX 2 Tb (for future storage, currently empty) PSU: Corsair AX1200, 1200 W Windows Home Premium, SP1 FSX Deluxe (Acceleration) 10.0.61637.0 Xpack 20070926-1421 FSUIPC 4.92 1f (installed, but not programmed yet) Several Saitek modules, USB 3.0 via powered hubs Carenado C90B HD (but errors happen on all AC, including native FSX) Thanks!