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  1. Charly329

    A TCAS request

    Hello simPlugins Team, I enjoyed your product a lot. Some time ago I bought the QualityWings BAe-146 and brings the vertical speed indicator integrated with TCAS. Could you add this indicator to the instrument library? Regards, Carlos
  2. Hello, I have tried to learn to use the option to modify the data delivered by simConect using a formula Only play, have placed "{0} * 2" in the pressure or temperature of the oil but no change is seen in the gauge. Is there something I'm understanding bad about this option? Regards, Carlos
  3. Charly329

    oil temperature and pressure units

    Hi again, The C337 of Carenado, use the "Oil Temperature (Engine 1-4 square)" style... also in °C. :lol: Could you do the same with this indicator too? Carlos
  4. Hello simPlugin Team, I think I've found an error in the conversion from ° C to ° F under 'CHT (Engine 1 to 4 square)". Plane: Lancair Legacy for FSX (Real Air) Tools: Link2FS_inout_v4j ( Image 2 Link2FS show CHT 200 °C Plane: 392 °F your gauge: 200 °C I change the unit in seting Image 1 Link2FS show CHT 200 °C Plane: 392 °F your gauge: about 232 °F The same thing happens with the C337 of "Carenado" Regards, Carlos
  5. Hello simPlugins team. I often use Cessna King Air B200 (Carenado), Turbine Duke (RealAir) and BAe 146-200 (QualityWings). All these aircraft use a gauge to indicate the temperature and oil pressure. The problem is that the temperature is given in ° C. I have tried using the gauge "Oil (Engine 1 to 4) Port Number: 42002", but show temperature in ªF The other alternative is to use the gauge "Engine Oil Helicopter (Port Number: 46006 )", but selecting the engine does not allow. Could implement the option to display the temperature in ° C at the first gauge or allow the second selection of a specific engine? Carlos.