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  1. Pigeon

    External model Wings+engine only

    full name? ok - i think I've done that now...
  2. In my constant drive to reduce OOM, I've seen a post that making a slight modification to the model.cfg file (//) will remove the external model which is helping heaps. But is there a way to reconfigure it to show only the wings and engines? - its good to occasionally pop into the passenger side to see yourself land
  3. CONGRATULATIONS GUYS you've done a wonderful job... I can now fly the 777 from EGLL to KLAX and enjoy the exterior of the plane without a OOM error well done!
  4. Hello Has anyone taken the plunge with the hardware in this setup and seen the results when used with the PDMG 777? I've seen a video on you tube of it working and it's impressive but the jet is just a default 747 I have also seen someone here with this setup on the PDMG 737 with an issue around the speed brake but doesn't really mention much about the rest of the jet... MCP, FMC, overhead for example I know PDMG 777 was never made with VR in mind, but still... the direction of leap motion + Oculus is certainly cheaper than building 1/2 a cockpit any reviews out there team?
  5. Pigeon

    Keyboard shortcuts

    thankyou... copy and paste time ah, im not sure the MCE people would appricate any mention of FS2CREW
  6. Pigeon

    Keyboard shortcuts

    So in addition to FS2CREW, and excluding some basic keyboard commands already found in the FMC, and after trying my hardest to understand the PDMG dev kit, I was wondering if anyone out there has/can come up with a simpler way to assign keyboard commands to switches and knobs that can then, with the aid of Voice recognition, be used to 'speak' to do that action. For example I say " switch engine 2 fuel cut off" which is... i dunno for the sake of argument ctrl alt 2 I will never have to touch the keyboard/mouse again... or even for when entering DATA in the FMC, prefix everything with for example "push ALT NAV", "push FMC 5" so on and so forth. I know some people may think thats a bloody lot of talking but Im thinking about trying to go down the oculus rift for the 'cheap mans' flight deck immersion, and therefore obviously, i wont be able to see the mouse or keyboard to do the switches/ knobs. ANy ideas? regards
  7. Pigeon

    Pause TOD chance to 100+ miles?

    is there a way to change the pause at TOD to something closer to 60 to 100 miles or so? It would help with the FS2CREW arrival briefing recommendation regards
  8. - i did not know that! - cabin announcements ill try the single sentences!
  9. I've run win 7 voice thing about 3 times now and for the most part, I'm getting excellent results in the recognition except for the above... the trim... example: "two point five zero units zero and zero" - the 2.5 bit virtually is always fine but the zero and zero bit frequently comes back with like left check Clean up, again, that comes back as something like "check" and "set and checked" is not the most reliable either I mention these purely for any ideas for me too do (other than re-run voice training) but it may be something to look at for v1.1 if others are having issues with these? 1) another option maybe to temporarily mute the actual cabin annoucements? (except for those where direct interaction with the flight deck occurs) It seems I also can't get the departure or approach brief started by voice? - works by push button though obviously... im saying "are you ready for the (x) brief" and thats about it! Man, I can't wait for FS2CREW 777 Emergency ;)
  10. Since buying this addon, I can no longer cope with the sub-standard/ reduced graphics settings of FSX because of my system Limitations. So I am buying a new PC PDMG 777 provides instructions on transferring the licence (their own product) Is there anything I need to be careful of with FS2Crew 777? regards, Paul
  11. i have this problem quite frequently, it is a horrible way to taxi or land with no wheel brakes :(