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  1. I am in contact with Carenado, about this. I think we are out of luck. I am thinking that the custom panel is just a modification of the model ie, the cover for the default 296 gps. I am waiting to see what Carenado has to say. I can't find a custom panel cfg file. So that is why I'm thinking it is just a modification of the model file. So I think we are stuck with the 2d pop-ups for the use of other radios in the Commander 114.
  2. One Question is there a way of changing the switch call of cabin light switch in FSX to the cabin light in the C185 bush plane. In mine the FSX cabin light call switch is set to the gauge lights. I don't know why Canenado set it this way, when the gauge light switch is right there on the glare light & the only cabin light switch is on the roof. In real life you could just feel for it at night. In the Sim you HAVE TO hunt for it. I would like to just press a key/button to turn on the cabin light, instead of trying to find that @*&$ switch on the cabin roof at night. I love to fight the the C185 bush around the northwest USA in low light conditions. I will also post this to Canenado support forum. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.
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