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  1. Thank you Lars for spending time reading my post. Of course it makes sense now. I 'll try to find your up to date topics. I am not visiting the forums a lot lately, and many interesting things are currently escaping my attention. Cheers Nikos
  2. Hi Lars (SAAB340), Congratulations on your tremendous work. I 've tried out AM=249 and it works great for me. Even better frames than my previous and more widely tested AM=84. I test my various settings in a very specific scenario and some really demanding "views" and "spots" of some missions that are mostly CPU hungry, so even the slightest differences can be measured. I was really surprized when I saw the results of your research on Hyper Threading and it's contribution to faster loading of terrain and textures. I always suspected that there must be something escaping most people's research on this. You proved that there is something missing, and it's a great thing to have facts that can't easily be disputed. Now, in the main subject. AM=249 makes use of cores 0, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, right? Core3 though is a logical-non physical core. How can someone put a load on a logical core without involving its physical part? Wouldn't be the same if we assigned an AM=245 instead? What is the difference? Sorry for my ignorance. And something else, please. What is the best FFTF setting for me when I am using these setting under [Display]: TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=60 TextureMaxLoad=30 UPPER_FRAMERATE_LIMIT=30 Thanks in advance! Nikos (Greece)