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  1. Hey there! I've recently tried to do a flight to Moscow (UUEE) using the Drzewiecki Design demo. I had an issue though on my FMC where when I selected "arrivals", the FMC couldn't detect any runways for arrival. Instead, it showed arrival runways from my origin airport. Is there something I need to add to my flight sim files in order for the FMC to detect new runways at this airport? Could it be that there is an issue with particular files, b/c the UUEE FSX default only has 2 runways whereas the demo scenery added a 3rd runway? Do I need to download something to fix this? I also tried departing from UUEE to see if anything would change, and the FMC couldn't detect departure runways either. I use simbrief for my flight plans as well. Please help. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey there! I've been wanting to spice up my airport sceneries in FSX and was wondering if anyone had links to freeware airport sceneries (specifically large airports but smaller ones are fine too). I've been researching and found some groups who provide really nice demos without any time-limits such as Drzewiecki Design and UK2000 to name a few. I've been trying to find more companies that provide wonderful demo sceneries. I've learned that ImagineSim used to provide demos but not anymore. Are there websites that still provide demos for Imagine sim and are there other companies that provide wonderful demos for FSX? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hey there! I've been doing a lot of research on a fairly new AI traffic addon for FSX/P3D called Alpha India Group Software (AIG). I've read that this software can be used for FSX, however, I haven't found any guidance/tutorials that are specific on how to add this software into my FSX. All I've read is that it can be time consuming and frustrating, however since I'm quarantined I have lots of time on my hands and I'm up for the technical challenges. If anyone knows how I can add this software to my FSX that would be great. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi there! Long time FSX user here. I've been trying to find an AI traffic software that uses accurate Flight Plans and new/updated liveries to make my sim more realistic. Anyone know a great freeware ai traffic software that does this? I know about World of AI but that uses old liveries and it is practically dead. I couldn't find a forum about this and if there is one already can you provide the link? Thanks in advance!
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