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    Loosing speed at FL350! Mayday!

    This Happened to me.. I was struggling for a good 20 mins to why i was slowly losing airspeed. I was flicking through the COMMS manual, trying different altitudes.... Nothing worked..... Then i realized my 2yr old daughter had lowered my landing gear........ :blush:
  2. captqantas

    Aerosoft Airbus X American Voice Pack

    Can you please share the link to where we can download this
  3. captqantas

    sounds increasing and decreasing

    I Have the same problem.. I have everything coming through my speakers and VATSIM ATC through my headset. However when ever i hit the talk button wiyth ATC my speakers reduce the noise on my pc making it hard to hear my Co Pilot respond when im busy on my RWY enrtry and Ext.. I have set my Communications to do nothing. and still does it!! Stumped