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  1. Well I have tried all you suggested but no luck. I always use the "sound" applet to control my speakers and voice. Saying only one appeared was a little missinformation on my part I uninstalled my on board and second sound card to see if that would kick start it and obviously when I reconnected them they came up too. All the drivers are fully installed. Did a flight this morning EGNM to LFLB and all went well with the wired headset.
  2. Went to about in MCE all correct in there but telling me to go to tools assign audio which I have done but the ok box was blocked out so as there is only one device in there I just press the box and reinstalled the audio in and presto the ok box lit up but after doing it thing there was an error and it closed down. That was my wireless set which I have been using fior over a year, so I tried my old wired set and these worked so why I don't know but at least it is all good again. So thanks once again for all your help your a star. Regards Peter
  3. I GIVE UP!!!!!!! Did a complete reinstall of windows 7 and FSX this weekend and all now seems to be fine except "he can't hear me" Mic set up right plenty of green bar on mic set up, showing the right input device even checked in the MCE TOOLS assign sound device just have to fly it myself
  4. Tried your suggestion this afternoon but no luck. Had a problem about a year ago when I re-ran the wizard after a few speech problem it would not let me past the changing the SPI to English usa saying in a box that I had not got it when I had the wizard putting it to English usa. The only way I solved that was a re-install after many attemps by Ben to put it right. I will let you know the results and it will save me money re-installing and not going to the pub this weekend
  5. Well after a lot of trial and error I have come to the conclusion that it is my Windows 7 service pack 1 which is the problem. I had it working great for 1 flight yesterday pm, but when I tried later it had gone again. I did notice that when it is OK when it starts up you just get the red notices on the top saying co-pilot checking switches and then good to go. But when it is not going to work ie: pressing buttons the same red alerts are there but the MCDU flashes up three times in the left hand corner. As well as that when you run the wizard at the end all she says is “nice to meet you captain Pe” instead of “Nice to meet you captain Peter Tyas” obviously something missing from MCE. Anyway to cut a long story short I put FS2004 on my lap top, graphics not good enough for FSX then loaded MCE and guess what Same Results and both systems are running Window 7 service pack 1. So in my mind that rules out any fault in MCE or FSX so if you have any ideas on how I could clean this up before I do a complete reinstall it would be appreciated.
  6. HI, Just to let you know have not deserted this thread, pulling my hair out, using words you do not hear in church, but just may have got some success 'got to try everyrthing out first will keep you posted tomorrow or next day
  7. Thank you will keep checking the forum
  8. As I said all works with aerosoft A320/321 except the APU button. On the FSL A32X will not press any buttons at all, everything else he will do.
  9. Sorry to be a pain in the A***, Vox sorted but I have found that MCE is working perfectly with Aerosoft A320/321 so am I right to asume this is a FSLA32X problem
  10. One more little thing on this subject I am now getting a pop up box: Failed to locate VoxKey commands profile! custom commands will be ignored for this session
  11. Thanks for all your help. Peter
  12. Spoke too soon just gone back to no presses again
  13. Thank you I can confirm that putting the UAC to default has returned MCE to fully working. I turned the UAC off again and it stopped working again but I did notice the following. In this state when the CP is checking for switches the FMC flashes up three times and I have to manually start the FMC to turn the GPU on. I have turned the UAC to default but would love to know why this has happened. Thank you once again for your help. Regards Peter
  14. Hi Thanks for your advice, I can confirm that this Dll "mcfslA3X.Dll" is in place, and underneth that is the same file with extention "ini" Regards Peter
  15. Hi Thank for your reply sorry for delay been away all day. MCE version is 2.7.70 and I am running fsx with acceleration