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  1. Sorry for delay in answering been away, thank you will look at both these videos. Peter
  2. Thanks, you are a star never knew about that doc. Peter
  3. Been using Vox but got fed up having to repeat myself so gave native ATC a try the other day and was pleasantly surprised. I like to be vectored to airports even though I have nav data, but the only let down is I can not find a way for the co-pilot to take over the radios. Does anyone on here know a way to do this or is it just not possible with native ATC. Thanks for any help. Peter
  4. peter225

    Fatal Error

    Hi back again. After a weekend of searching I have found the fault so going to contact Vox because I do not know the answer. Problem is with VOXPOPBASE it just is not connecting to the server so when I try to enable Vox with voxpopbase downloaded on my computer it can not connect and shuts vox atc down Fatal Error. The path is right in my case H/vox/voxatc server. exe but there is nothing in there. In my opinion this is why if I uninstall Voxpopbase Voxatc work with just Microsofts Anna because it is not trying to access the server. Will let you know how I get on.
  5. peter225

    Fatal Error

    Hi thanks again for your help, going to find the date I uninstall then restore the system from that date and that may just tell me how Mike and Mary plus the other ones were installed, will keep you posted on any developments. Thanks again Peter
  6. peter225

    Fatal Error

    Hi thank you for your help. Yes I am running the latest Vox 6 under windows 7 64 bit. I went to the applet as you suggested and Anna, Mike, and Mary are all there but only Anna speech works the other two pull up an error "voice cannot be played try another voice or change audio output". I have tried other audio outputs with no luck.
  7. peter225

    Fatal Error

    Hi, I am running Windows 7 and this is not a free copy of Vox. It was working fine even with the extra voices from the Vox web site then I uninstalled it because of a problem with the ptt. When I reinstalled it that when this happened. I have tried a complete new install from Vox but still the same.I run this along side MCE but can't see that being a problem as it worked before. May have just found the problem but have not got a clue how to solve it. the XML document is only show microsoft ANNA
  8. peter225

    Fatal Error

    If this can help anyone supply an answer just found out that I have to have all three options on Anna, then everything works fine. Put anyone to Mick or Mary I get the fatal error back to Anna and all is well.
  9. peter225

    Fatal Error

    Hi, when I load Vox I can enter all my personnal preferences except the voice controls and the program works great. If I try to alter the voice settings in any way, add voices or even change Mick,Mary, and Anna round I get a fatal error on enable vox, and the only way I can get Vox to work is a complete reinstall and leaving the voice setting as they are. Any help please no fun having the same voice all the time. Thanks Peter
  10. peter225

    No Map

    Hi Thank you for your reply, and I am so sorry that I have wasted your and other viewers time but this should have been posted on REX forum. I feel such an idiot as RC is working perfectly and always has, but at least I have learnt that I had not filled in my profile now completed. Once again sorry and take care up there. Regards Peter
  11. peter225

    No Map

    Hi Any one else having trouble in the last 24 hours with RC. Mine loads OK radar colours show up on a white background no map. On the green bar says loaded weather but then comes up RC stopped working Is it just me if so will try re-install Thanks Peter
  12. peter225

    Can't Download from CD

    Hi All, Wonder if some one can help. When I try to load from CD all I get is ( Unable to locate fsx.exe. Unable to install ). But gives me no choice to tell it where it is. My fsx is on an external drive and I have had no probs with Ifly 737 or fs2crew so I must be missing something some where . Thanks for any help Peter Tyas peter225 PS it's the pmdg 747/400x
  13. Hi Bryan Thanks for your reply. I may have found out now whats wrong but do not know how to solve it. AUDIOXACT,GAUGES,ICON,FS2CREWINPUTMAPPER are going into the FSX, fs2crew10 folder, but the rest are going into the program files (x86) fs2crew folder a different place and name. Have tried to copy the files over but still will not open. Have done a Reg clean and check and all there seems to be ok. All of Ifly fs2crew in fsx folder. Thanks in advance for any solution you come up with. Regards Peter ps When I have copied the files over if I try to delete the folder from program files and then open the set up from the desktop I get fs2crew.exe has been moved.
  14. Hi All Purchased this a couple of weeks ago because I already have the Crew2 for the Ifly737 which works a treat and I am very impressed with. My problem is that the crew2 for the pmdg747 just will not open. Obviously I have done all the checks panel config, uac uninstall and reinstall but it just will not open, and the crew panel and keyboard are set to fs2crew. The only thing I can think of now is that there must be a conflict between the two but why as the one connected to the Ifly plane works perfectly. Any help on this matter would be of a great help. Thanks in advance Peter.