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  1. I watched atomicfrawg do a flight or two in this 757 on today. With the help of quite a few co-pilots ( :rolleyes: ) he managed to complete a flight in Florida. Very enjoyable - cockpit a little dark, but the detail is fantastic. Seems to get off the ground and back down again relatively easily!
  2. andyrooc

    World's Biggest Miniature Airport

    You may have noticed that video was posted a couple of years ago. But since this could be a 'things I noticed after everyone else' thread, here's one I just found out about.... The roof is a 747 wing. Check it out here:
  3. That might have been me. I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean some third parties have source code for MSFS and can work on it? If they did, could it be done legally? If not, how will FSX ever get to be 64bit - or are people happy enough to retain it as a 32bit app into the foreseeable future? How will activation of the product be done if MS decide to shutdown their activation server? Is there a way around that? I have FSX but am not a big user of it, so I don't really know how to get around these problems. With regard to bugs, I'm sure there are plenty in XP. I guess it depends upon how many people are affected, and how the bug may affect as to functionality when they get fixed. If enough people log something as a bug with Laminar, it'll probably get noticed a lot faster than generally complaining on a forum that a vendor may or may not actually ever see. It seems to me that complaints tend not to go down very well on forums, however people are usually more than willing to help out (to the best of their ability) where another user has a problem. We should really be one big happy family of simmers
  4. @Rob, I'm not really familiar with GSX, and I suspect it is probable that the Ground Services add-ons for X-Plane are more basic than GSX. Just google "x-plane ground services" and you're bound to find something. Being interested in ground stuff is a relatively new phenomenon in X-Plane. Up until (relatively) recently, the flying experience was everything. The visual experience has definitely had a back seat. However, XP10 has stepped it up a bit, and a little taste of alpilot's NZ mesh does make you want to see a little more! The reason I say 'in doubt' has nothing to do with 3rd party developers. The number and quality of 3rd party developer is likely to be comensurate with the size of the community it supports. However, if FSX users are unable to upgrade their PC's and there can never be a new FSX users because MS activation servers become inactive, then the FSX community has to shrink, doesn't it? One has to keep in mind that MSFS started in 1982, and has had a reasonable team of developers behind it. XP started 11 years later, and has had one one guy behind AND it's made for Mac, Windows and Linux (also Android & iOS). So it really is a credit to Austin Meyers that XP has done as well as it has. The motivations behind each company, and their development focuses are going to be different. Way different. So one should not expect that the features of one will ever be the same as the other. I'd agree that a 'preferred platform' is a personal choice - I'm certainly not about to tell you you should use XP over FSX! That's your call.
  5. Hmmm, I use vs2012 with XP problem there. Java & X-Plane aircraft? Have never heard that one in my years with XP, although I suppose there is nothing stopping someone doing something like that. The 'tiny number of developers working on XP' is still greater than the zero developers working on FSX, isn't it? There are plenty of ground services add-ons for XP, just as there is for FSX. I'm not sure why you would say there are none - or do you mean GSX from fsdreamteam in particular? In fact, there are hundreds of add-ons that do all kinds of things. Realtime weather, aircraft AI is built in, but there are add-ons that improve things like textures and the rest (UrbanMaxx/SkyMaxx/WorldAircraft etc). Auto-gen airport scenery is one thing that FSX users are used to seeing, and XP has handled this in more recent times through a crowd-sourcing effort, as auto-gen scenery was not perceived to be accurate enough for airports. There is now a few hundred airports with scenery as part of the base XP install, and that will grow through free updates over time. However, there are another few thousand airport scenery packages available for download via community sites. So, it does support 3rd party developers very nicely, in fact, I personally look quite favourably on it from a developer stand point. Froogles video, shared on XP sites by scotchegg has caused some interesting reactions. But where the conversation has persisted (on the org), it has settled into a nice discussion about how the flight sims co-exist, and what the future may hold. Everyone will always have their own favourites, and one sim may be better than another at certain times due to certain features, but the one seemingly clear thing is, that the future of FSX is in doubt, thanks to Microsoft (rather rudely) ditching it's product. It's happened to me before, but not on the scale that it is for some who have so much invested in the product. Personally, even as an XP user, I think it is a real shame, and a waste of a great simulator.