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  1. thomamaxi, thank you for the welcome! SolRayz, I tried your sun size setting - WOW! The sun looked huge and made for a beautiful sunrise over the water!
  2. Hi flyforever and All, Did reinstalling the stock shaders work for you? I hope this is the right place for this question... Or should I start a new topic? I'm a DX10 convert and will probably never switch back - I understand that everything is a compromise, and I don't think I'm too picky about details, but... While I have Steve's wonderful free 3.2.2, and will be purchasing his DX10 fixer, I too have a water (color) problem. When I fly dawn or day, the water color and effects are absolutely stunning (Steve's 3.2.2, REX E OD's "use this!" water texture), but when I fly dusk or night, the color of the water looks gray. The color of the water doesn't change even when the sky gets darker and darker. I stll have the wave animations and whitecaps, but no reflections except the setting sun's rays (running water on 2x med). I've tried changing the water color texture in REX - plankton, brighness, contrast - and I do see the changes when dawn and day, just not dusk and night. I downloaded and replaced the stock shaders (THANK YOU for your generosity PAUL J!), deleted and had FSX replace those other shader files in appdata/local (cannot remember the exact names as I'm not on my FSX comp). I installed SweetFX last night to see if there would be any change (the water color problem was in place before the installation of SweetFX). Everything looked much more vibrant and alive - the terrain and sky look like a whole new sim to me! Except...for...the...water. Still a boring gray. I hope this is a simple problem to fix, like an easily replaced file. I would really like to avoid a reinstall if possible. Or, I might just avoid flying at dusk and night over water. But where's the fun in that? I love trying to land on a moving carrier at night! I will post a pic tomorrow if that helps. Thank you everyone in advance for your comments and help!
  3. Hey skywolf, I just installed SweetFX ver 1.5 with the default settings last night and it worked for me in DX 10. Looks great, actually. I also have an ATI card - 6950 2GB. Running Win 7 64 Home. Are you running Radeon Pro? I think read elsewhere on this forum that RP can be a problem with SweetFX. How did you switch from DX 9 to 10? CFG edit or from within the settings interface? I find when I'm running DX 9 and switch to DX 10 with only a CFG edit, I have to check the settings interface before starting a flight because sometimes (not always) things such as monitor resolution, filtering, and aniso have changed. Of course, this is always in addition to what FSX does to the cfg file - Texture Max Load defaults to 1024 and LOD radius defaults to 4.5. when you switch to DX10 via the settings interface. Good luck!
  4. Hiya, This is my first post, so please excuse any mistakes or transgressions against proper posting protocol... But please tell me if I have. Anyway, In case you don't have this utility, check this out: http://www.strikingsoftware.com/forum/index.php?topic=454.0 There is a discussion, pictures, and a link to the software. It's free and it works. It's a modifed version of Nick N's (who is pretty much a god when it comes to FSX, at least that's what I think, anyway) original sun fix. The only thing I did, was something that I read someone else mentioned - I think in Avsim: In the sun effect config file (sorry, I don't have the exact file name as I'm not at my FSX computer), edit the SUN SIZE to a smaller number - I used 500, when my original number was something like 1800. The smaller sun looked a bit better to me but I would suggest playing around with whaterver number looks good to you. I didn't change any of the other numbers as I liked everything else about the sun except for the size. Good luck!