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  1. argharg

    Words I need to share with our Community

    Spend the rest of your precious time with your family and dont think of us. Will pray for you. Etienne
  2. argharg

    Suggestions for the GPS MFD.

    Hello again, Another suggestion, I was (sim) flying at night yesterday landing to miami and the panel builder nicely switched to a red glow. It would be nice to have a button to switch the GPS to a more dim coloring (or a shade of red recoloring ?) because it stays bright lit in the middle of the rest. My tomtom satnav has that button , donno if an aircraft gps has one though. Cheers, Etienne
  3. argharg

    Suggestions for the GPS MFD.

    Hi, more (I hope welcome) feedback after a long flight. 1. MFD and Panel are stable which is perfect. 2. I am suffering a lot of latency on the MFD input; I think the latency comes from the fact that I had to plug the MFD on the FSX PC. 3. Because of that, the current "mobile phone" approach to select a name isnt working well for me (hard to select a letter, almost impossible for the one linked to 3 or 4 push, because of latency); would you mind having a "one press" option, I mean you start with your mobile phone like keyboard button grouping, but once the group of letter has been selected, a sub menu appears with one letter per button (+a END and a BACK button). (ideally the button one just pressed is blank to avoid having the mfd registering a double entry). This would ensure a slow but error free input of any name. 4. It would be cool to have only the button that are selectable lit on the MFD, a gadget, but cool anyway. And maybe the button once pressed becoming the only one on for 1/4 sec to give a feedback like "yes I registered this button was pressed" Etienne
  4. argharg

    Suggestions for the GPS MFD.

    Hello there, 1. This would insure a perfect match between what is fsx (can be outdated, overprecise, forward looking, fantaisie) and the gps 2. thx 3. well yes and no, as even if you say "do not show bezels" you cannot drag the gps all the way to the top of the screen as you are still limited by the undrawn shape of the bezel 4. sound good happy thxgiving
  5. Ok, this is my list of suggestions for the GPS MFD. First let the thank you for doing that, this was much needed. 1.) local database merger, let me explain, this is something FSMap does well, have a little software going thru all the installed addons in scenary.cfg and through you database, read the differents data (vor, airports, poi, etc), and generate a local file (your databse would be the lowest priority in fsx scenery terms). 2.) online map service / shape file layers switch. Would be nice to be able to go back and forth between the web generated map (which is nice to know where you are, but a bit overloaded for aiport selection, and the vectoriel map from .shp files). Maybe this is possible already but I havent found it. 3) option to get rid of the buttons 4) option to extend the drawing of the map to the hedge of the screen, for the button explanation, you could just write them on top of the map in their current location in a nice pop up black box, that would greatly increase the drawing size, which is need for 7 to 9" screen. Now: what to do with the 2nd MFD? Maybe a cool interactive check up list. The buttons being there for the "done" aspect? Or
  6. Ok this solved it for me, plugged the MFD into the main PC/FSX (win 7 64b), installed the drivers and buttonmapper and it worked. :wub: I am somehow convinced that in its current state buttonmapper is not vista 64 Ultimate / French version compatible. Now I can enjoy the sim! thx for the hard work Etienne
  7. Hi Reinhard, Now I am confused, does this mean that I can install the MFD on the main PC (the one running FSX) while the Panel Builder run on another networked PC? If it is the case that may solve my issue as my main PC is on win 7. Before I blow it up, what should I install on my main PC/FSX ? an in which order ? I have the drivers, the hotas software, the ButtonMapper soft and the hardware. Etienne