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  1. ozric

    cannot edit tileproxy.ini

    Hi Benibaz, Did you unhash the Service Example? - e.g. my virtual earth is Service Example 1. Also many times I've changed it & had to kick myself cos I forgot to 'save' notepad!! #==================================== #source=Service Example 0 source=Service Example 1 #source=Service Example 2 #source=Service Example 3 #====================================
  2. ozric

    TP slow to load

    In the User Manual located in the Tile Proxy folder in your FSX there are some troubleshooting tips regarding this: "Some Frequent Problems & Solutions" and "Troubleshooting & Maintenance". Also try reinstalling using Pat Garrets tips http://tileproxy.eklablog.com/tileproxy-guide-english-version-a125263210. Hope this helps.
  3. ozric

    TP slow to load

    FSX can still run smooth on lower target frame rate limits - the tiles load better. Christian Buchner (he made TP) recommends setting 12-18.
  4. ozric

    TP slow to load

    Just a few thoughts – you've probably tried them already. Have you checked your target frame limit in FSX hasn't defaulted to 'unlimited' somehow? Maybe set FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION higher e.g. 1.33? (I know they say it doesn't matter if you're using a multi-core processor, but personally, to me, it makes a difference - with TP anyway). Have a look what's happening in the TP command prompt box see if there are any errors there?
  5. ozric

    Configuring ProxyUser.ini

    Hi, Jetairways, Ed Truthan's site is an excellent place to start - he breaks it down to make it simple to follow - www.edtruthan.com/tileproxy/tutorial. Also there's only one free map service now - you can find the latest version here http://aviation.alla....com/tileproxy/ Regards, Ian
  6. Just been trying Just Flight's Revolution X and I'm pretty impressed! It loads up AutoGen for the UK in TileProxy that's well placed and looks sweet. You also get building lighting at dusk/dawn/night that looks good. You also get the option to load it into VFR GenX photo scenery. Must admit I wasn't expecting it to be so hot, but I was pleasantly surprised :smile: .
  7. Hi Slowhand, Yes, that was my conclusion also. There is one other possibility that works - the one we're not supposed to use..... Funnily enough, I encountered the stuttering problem you mentioned in your last post. I've been DX10 enabled for a long time & I thought I'd go back to DX9 for a bit. As soon as I did I got stuttering. Your FSX Fiber Accelerator fix worked a treat, but I thought that this stuttering shouldn't be happening in the first place. The only way it would run smooth was frame rate 'unlimited', but that's no good for Tile Proxy. Anyway, I fixed it with [bufferPools] UsePools=0. There are other configuations of pool sizes & reject thresholds that might work also. See: www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/showthread.php?44197-RejectThreshold-Tweak-Replacement-for-No-BufferPool and http://airdailyx.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/fsxcfg-tweak-review-bufferpools.html p.s. is there only you & me on this forum?!! Regards, Ian
  8. ozric

    Still small stutters?

    Hi Slowhand, Did you check your CPU usage while running FSX with Tile Proxy? I had the same problem & got around it by making sure FSX was using all the cores & disabling core parking - both can be done using using Process Lasso. Also if you have hyperthreading - use it. For the blurries I set FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION to 2.33 & use FSPS FSX Booster 2013 everything became crystal clear! Regards, Ian
  9. From what I can see your service example 1 doesn't have the path to the service & neither of the other two work Yahoo temporarily - I hope!. Try the example below, which is usually reliable: [service Example 1] cache_folder=D:\tp files\cache.service1 network_module=libnettile min_level=9 max_level=19 map_version=330 level_mapping=9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19 #level_mapping=9,10,11,12,14,14,15,16,17,18,19 more radius HQ (13->14) #level_mapping=9,10,11,14,14,14,15,16,17,18,19 even more radius in HQ (12,13->14) color_hack=Yes color_level=13 bulk_extend=50 & don't forget to change your cache folder & make module config. into one line - not broken as above. That's strange it won't let me add the Bing path - but you should be able to find it elsewhere on the forum easily enough
  10. ozric

    Strange happenings

    I agree - when I try and use Yahoo I'm getting http 503 responses, which usually means there's a problem their end. Hope it resolves itself.