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  1. Speccy48k

    Aerocache hunts!

    not understanding. I've selected aerocache of the day then click start hunt. Normally it goes to the map page where it displays job board and on the bottom left, click here to track cache. Doing this takes you to your plane in flight with the tracker on. But im getting there is no aerocache being tracked. Clicking aerocache hunt just takes me back to the aerocache page. Do I have to hunt around for it in free flight? Edit: ok noticed its in Alaska. it doesn't have a yellow lock icon even though I only have the basic free game, I guess I can't get it.
  2. Speccy48k

    Aerocache hunts!

    great when I eventually get a free one I get this "There is no aerocache being tracked" what does this mean?
  3. Speccy48k

    Daily aerocache - NOT

    Thanks, will continue to dip in each day. Shame you can't get the dlc free now it's closing soon. Just got ( cone island, between islands & sunset hut) ones available to me, none of which seem to be working.
  4. Speccy48k

    Daily aerocache - NOT

    Started relatively recently and after the last month or so a free one alternates with a paid one each day. For the last month there's only been one a week. Are daily aerocaches on a rotation or are they coming to a stop?