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  1. Curious as to the possible reasons why the took GFWL Marketplace offline.
  2. AeroMechAZ


    The only ones in my Aerocache list not either checked or locked are the ones I mentioned before.
  3. I'm able to connect, but when I go to download one of the free previews of various planes (I can't buy them yet), I get an error message telling me that the "Games for Windows Client failed to launch". Anyone have at least a workaround for that?
  4. AeroMechAZ

    Yoke for flight?

    I had really good 'results' with that one I mentioned before. Wish I still had it to use with my FS9.
  5. AeroMechAZ


    OK, 188AHC, I can understand that, but how would/could I unlock whatever one is 'next' (for me)?
  6. OK, the ALT+Enter worked, but why doesn't it work when not in windowed mode?
  7. I have this same problem. It's annoying, but not (absolutely) necessary, as the rest of the Sim seems to work just fine for me. pschlute, how do you get the game to load in 'windowed' mode?
  8. AeroMechAZ

    Installing FS2004 on new 64 bit Win7 system

    I was able to get my FS9 installed & running on my 64 bit Win 8.0 system; about the only "problem" (and I'll admit, it's rather minor, albeit annoying), is that the 'interactive' screen that shows whatever aircraft you want to fly doesn't work - just shows a black blank; all the other controls, buttons, etc. seem to work OK, though, and it flies with no problems that I can tell.
  9. AeroMechAZ

    Hardest Aerocache

    I think that's the one at/near the Keck telescope. You actually have to land near it, get out of the aircraft (hit "E") and walk to it. That one was a hard on for me because of the altitude - I didn't have the Red Tails at that time & did it with the Icon.
  10. AeroMechAZ

    Hardest Aerocache

    For me, it would be the "Hakealala Sunrise" and the "Cone Island" ones; when I select either one, and click the "Start Hunt", it just takes me back to the map screen and gives me a "No Aerocaches Being Tracked" indication on the lower left. So far, those are the only two (other than the still locked ones) I can't find.
  11. AeroMechAZ


    For some reason (other than the locked ones), my MS Flight won't let me go and 'hunt' for 2 aerocaches: the "Hakealala Sunrise" and the "Cone Island" one. When I select either of those, the program loads as normal, but then it brings me back to the map screen and on the bottom left is my plane, etc. with the note, "No Aerocaches are being tracked". Suggestions? It allowed me to 'find' several other Aerocaches, though.
  12. AeroMechAZ

    Yoke for flight?

    I used to use a 'yoke' (actually it was a steering wheel-style controller fo driving games) that I bought at a swap meet many moons ago for about $10. Worked really great for my (then) MSFS 2K. Had a much more natural 'feel' to it (as I'm also a real-world Student Pilot), especially with the Light GA planes. I can't remember the make/model, though.