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  1. If you're trying to download the -600/700, the installers are not available til end of week per PMDG's FB post. I assume this is for Aerosoft costumers as well.
  2. swcatfish

    P3D v 4 Installation Cannot Continue

    If you're trying to install the -600/700, the installers won't be available til later this per PMDG's FB post. Jan-Michael Allen
  3. swcatfish

    P3D freezing up

    I think this might be the problem. I tested briefly changing the autosave intervals and I think you're right. I'll give it a test in FSX tonight. Thank you! Although not directly related to this problem, I think excessive dust was leading to my BSOD. After the inside of my rig was cleaned, no more BSOD. Thanks for your input though!
  4. swcatfish

    P3D freezing up

    A brief history - Around June 20th my computer froze up and I got the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) with a Bad_Header_Pool crash. So I took it on to my computer guy. He cleaned things up, updated drivers etc and got the BSOD to clear. He did find that my hard drive was on its last legs, so I had him order one which was 3 days out. During the 3 days waiting for the new HD, I put about 10 HRS of flight time in with no problems…smooth ride…no crashes, freezing etc. I took my computer back to him and had the new HD installed. I got my computer back and went thru the tedious task of reinstalling everything back to FSX. After everything was back online, I made my first test flight with the PMDG. I had a whole slew of wonky twerks running the PMDG that I didn’t have before. Every time I touched the Display Menu my computer would lock up and I would have to do a hard reboot. The biggest problem, every minute or so FSX would freeze up for about 10+ seconds running the PMDG. Other A/C would run a little better only freezing for a few seconds at a time. So I poked around for a while trying to tweak things with no avail. Finally I decided maybe it was time to try P3D. Things are running better and the PMDG is running as it should. I am glad I tried the change because P3D is awesome so far. No regrets. But, I still have the problem with P3D freezing up every minute or so for about 5 seconds running the PMDG. Running an Alienware 3.60Hz Quad Core, 16GB Ram, GTX690 graphics card.