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  1. FSX Exit Crash with PMDG737NGX

    I also had the annoying problem of fsx crashing upon exit after using a pmdg aircraft after these latest updates. The way I fixed it was I just renamed the two .dll files in the Gauges directory and replaced them with my two earlier versions. ie. PMDG_737NGX_2.dll and PMDG_737NGX.dll. My PMDG Operations Centre still states I have the latest versions installed of 1.20.8443 and I do not seem to be missing any functionality. The two files I am using are dated 24/03/2015. I no longer have FSX crash when exiting.
  2. FirefFighter X Refill Station Model

    Thank you for your quick help. I have Acceleration but never installed it. I will now. Thanks again.
  3. FirefFighter X Refill Station Model

    I am using FSX SP2 which I thought included acceleration. I am also using ORBX scenery and I was wondering if that changes objects available.
  4. FirefFighter X Refill Station Model

    I am using the standard FSX and no folders or names have been changed. I have a folder called SimObjects with Misc contained within it and FFX_FireElementals within that but nowhere can I find a file called Propane_Tank_sm. Where should it be located.
  5. I am using Firefighter X and no matter what I do I never get to see the refill vehicle. I have tried both versions 1.78 b07 and 1.79 b13. I have "Show Station" ticked in settings and have tried all the different models for station starting with the default Propane_Tank_sm and also have used the object finder to point to other objects but no vehicle appears. I am currently using the default Cessna 172. Any help would be much appreciated. I had all the options ticked when I installed Firefighter x but strangely there is no file called Propane_Tank_sm on my PC. [Updated] Now resolved. I found after changing several different objects that only certain objects appear.