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  1. I also had the annoying problem of fsx crashing upon exit after using a pmdg aircraft after these latest updates. The way I fixed it was I just renamed the two .dll files in the Gauges directory and replaced them with my two earlier versions. ie. PMDG_737NGX_2.dll and PMDG_737NGX.dll. My PMDG Operations Centre still states I have the latest versions installed of 1.20.8443 and I do not seem to be missing any functionality. The two files I am using are dated 24/03/2015. I no longer have FSX crash when exiting.
  2. Thank you for your quick help. I have Acceleration but never installed it. I will now. Thanks again.
  3. I am using FSX SP2 which I thought included acceleration. I am also using ORBX scenery and I was wondering if that changes objects available.
  4. I am using the standard FSX and no folders or names have been changed. I have a folder called SimObjects with Misc contained within it and FFX_FireElementals within that but nowhere can I find a file called Propane_Tank_sm. Where should it be located.
  5. I am using Firefighter X and no matter what I do I never get to see the refill vehicle. I have tried both versions 1.78 b07 and 1.79 b13. I have "Show Station" ticked in settings and have tried all the different models for station starting with the default Propane_Tank_sm and also have used the object finder to point to other objects but no vehicle appears. I am currently using the default Cessna 172. Any help would be much appreciated. I had all the options ticked when I installed Firefighter x but strangely there is no file called Propane_Tank_sm on my PC. [Updated] Now resolved. I found after changing several different objects that only certain objects appear.
  6. Hi I have just purchased this product and it is running as it should apart from no actual engine fire visual. Failures are turned on and I have selected Engine Fire 1 within the FMC in the PMDG 737 failures. Lights and sound all work as they should as does the FO announcements but when I look from outside at the engine it shows no sign of being on fire. What am I doing wrong please. Ivan
  7. Hi all Is there a way to actually see the engine on fire after activating the fire? It works and looks well on the default Boeing 737-800 so I would have thought the PMDG would also be able to do it.
  8. Hi fellow Simmers. Here is what I posted early today on FSPS's forum. "I am really interested in using this but unfortunately I find that the 5 minute evaluation period is nowhere long enough to see what benefit if any the program is giving even with 5 trials giving 25 minutes in total. I use as my main test flying over Canberra in Australia with ORBX scenery, city and airport which drops my frame rates from the normal 30 down to about 12. It looks like FSX Fiber might be increasing that slightly to around 14.5 but 5 minutes is no where near enough time to give it a good test and be sure before I pay out for it. There are several other airports I would like to try it out with before I considered purchasing. I have already used up my quota and I am not convinced I am getting much improvement but I may not be doing the product justice due to the lack of real testing time. It would be better if you could remove the time factor entirely and just limit it to say 5 trials without any time restriction. Then we would have a far better chance of really seeing how it improves things. I am sure I am not the only one who will be finding the current 5 minutes too restrictive to test it. Also, most of the time I fly FSX without being connected to the Internet. Does this mean that I am unable to use Fibre? If that is the case then that also is too restrictive. Again I am certain there are a lot of simmers out there that do not fly using the Internet. Just my thoughts for what its worth." So far there has been no response from them. I also copied it in a Support Ticket to them so I will wait and see what happens. As I said above, it "seemed" to give a slight improvement when I was flying around Canberra but 5 lots of 5 minutes isn't even close to a reasonable time to test this product and decide whether it really works and is worth around $40.00. I would love it to work and I would even happily pay the rather high price if I could be really confident it works for me. In the meantime I will not be purchasing it. I will post FSPS's reply when I get one. To be fair it was only today I posted on their site. Ivan
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