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  1. FSX crashes when I select the Phenom 100

    Hi I am sorry to say the solution failed. Today I started the Phenom and fsx crashes. After a reinstall it worked fine. I could select the Phenom without fsx crashing. After this I closed FSX and started fsx again. When selecting the Phenom FSX crashed again.... I think something is wrong with the loading of the gauges . Niels
  2. FSX crashes when I select the Phenom 100

    Hi, I deleted 3 entries in my fsx.cfg. They are the ones with the gauges mentioned. If you search EMB500 in fsx.cfg and delete these 3 entries where you see EMB500 you can select the Phenom in fsx without crashing. (It works for me anyway) Niels
  3. FSX crashes when I select the Phenom 100

    So, I pay for a product which doen`s work and all they say is I have to wait??? No more Carenado for me. Niels Bos
  4. FSX crashes when I select the Phenom 100

    Same here. I made a support request at Carendao Niels
  5. Hi, I just wandered why for example the buttons of AP, HEADING and ALT are not lit when ON. Or is this normal for this aircraft? Regards. Niels Bos