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  1. XenoRad

    Flashing vertical lines

    Good job opening a P3D thread. I ran some tests last night and posted my observations there.
  2. XenoRad

    Flashing vertical lines

    So you know how my system is doing from where you are sitting? When I'm telling you that I'm constantly monitoring my system and that it's all fine then I don't know what I'm saying? So I'm overloading my system because you say so, not because this can actually be verified with diagnostic tools or other more demanding games. Fair is fair, but when you're presented with evidence and still solely blame the user's hardware then it seems you're not listening and are actually hurting. How about we do this: we raise this issue on the Prepar3d forums, provide all the necessary feedback and try to find exactly the cause of the problem. To me this looks like the best way to go about things. Much better than constantly blaming the hardware or the users or a certain configuration or whatever. Several of us are trying to get to the bottom of this and you're not helping. Your input was and still is helpful as long as you don't get tied down into repeating the same thing over and over again without actual proof that that's what's really happening. Please stop and let us figure this out properly.
  3. XenoRad

    Flashing vertical lines

    I made a simple test with everything turned down except autogen buildings. Basically it happens anyway, but after "Dense" it's more and more obvious. Other settings don't seem to affect this issue much if at all. So as far as I can see it's not a hardware problem, it's not an overloading problem since at those low settings I can get between 60-100 fps. I'd say it's just a glitch that's more apparent on some systems rather than others (like many glitches) for whatever reason. I hope one of you opens a new thread over at the Prepar3D support forums. I might do it myself if I can find the time. PS: In a proper application graphics settings should never cause glitches like this, not when otherwise the performance is good. It does happen, yes, but it's rare. What should happen is either poor performance or program hangs or crashes in extreme circumstances. I don't think it's helpful at all to blame users and suggest turning down settings on systems that are otherwise fine. This may mask the problem but won't fix it.
  4. XenoRad

    Flashing vertical lines

    Maybe it's more frequent in V2.2 or more frequent for some but in any case it shouldn't be happening. My video card is new, I have the latest drivers and I am constantly monitoring it. It stays at around 70-73 deg. Celsius with 1.4 - 2.8 Gb of memory occupied in P3D. In more demanding games, like Crysis 3 or Arma 3 it performs flawlessly. With the plethora of FSX bugs, we've grown accustomed to reconcile with the smaller ones since there was no fixing them anyway. But now we have a chance to speak up and get these problems fixed.
  5. XenoRad

    Flashing vertical lines

    I may agree that it's nothing new, but I can see no other program were such a thing would happen and have it not classified as a bug.
  6. XenoRad

    Flashing vertical lines

    Hello. I have an R9 290X and am also seeing the lines in Prepar3D 2.2. I thought it could be an ATI problem since for me at least FSX has been unusable for quite some time due to nasty graphical corruption regarding ATI cards/drivers. However I started looking around for others with the same problem in Prepar3D and I found nVidia owners have problems as well. So here I am. There are even a few Youtube videos where this glitch is present, but goes seemingly unnoticed by the author. Here is an example with version 2.1: -Between 7:28 and 7:29 in the center of the screen. -Between 7:41 and 7:42 look slightly up and to the right of the center of the screen. Some lines shoot up from what appears to be warehouses to the right of the road. Disclaimer: This is not my video and I apologize in advance if posting it here is deemed inappropriate for whatever reason. Looking carefully you'll probably see other instances in the video. I do believe someone should open a new thread in the Prepar3D support forum. It does take a keen eye to see this issue, but now we have proof that it's not that rare.
  7. XenoRad

    Back to hell

    As the post above already states - that's not correct. I know very well what VAS is. I didn't say VAS was directly RAM or VRAM. I said there was a hard limit of 4GB which included both. This is correct. I was my impression that many wondered whether buying a video card with more memory will stop OOM errors or perhaps somehow bypass the memory limit of the 32 bit application. Under the constrains of VAS if they have more than 4 GB total memory (RAM + VRAM) then more VRAM will (mostly) only help with speed, but not stability.
  8. XenoRad

    Back to hell

    I see a lot of confusion regarding this memory thing and I'd like to help a bit. Others have said this as well but the point needs to come across: Since FSX and Prepar3D are 32 bit applications the maximum amount of memory they can use (RAM and VRAM together) is 4 GB. If there isn't enough VRAM on the card the simulator should use RAM and if there isn't enough RAM then it should use the pagefile, aka the disk drive. This obviously slows down performance but shouldn't cause an OOM error. I say shouldn't because the simulator might due to the way it's programed (it might not allow for memory to be transfered like that). I do know that in 2004 I was playing Doom 3 at settings that required a 512 MB video card and I only had 128. Still I didn't get any OOM because when the game ran out of VRAM it used the RAM. It might be acceptable for P3D to run poorly at high settings but it isn't acceptable to crash. Otherwise guys, this here is as good as it gets. After those 4 GB are reached it won't make any difference how well you could run P3D. I mean you could be running a solid 60 fps and then you'll need an additional 1 MB of memory and it's going to be game over. So new hardware is not going to make P3D use less memory and once that's filled up it won't make a difference how well the simulator was running when it crashed. Update your stuff because you aren't getting the FPS you'd like but don't because you think a 2 or a 3 GB card isn't cutting it in terms of memory. I don't know about P3D but with FSX at 1080p 8xAA, 4096 REX clouds, FSGlobal mesh, UTX+FTX Global + custom planes I see ram at around 2.5 GB and VRAM usage below 1 GB. I don't remember getting any OOM, ever. That's almost 3.5 GB of memory right there, it's already cutting it pretty close. And I remember reading that P3D 2.0 uses around 800 new MB for the new dynamic shadows. It might be nice if the people who get OOM's can verify their RAM and VRAM usage just before the crashes. I use MSI Afterburner with Riva Tuner Server and it logs these numbers so if anything goes wrong I can check.
  9. XenoRad

    FS Global Mesh

    The whole mesh for the different continents takes more than 100 GB of disk space and when I bought it there was no download option. I received the DVDs in the mail and proceeded to install them over the course of a few hours.