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  1. i run affinity mask 170 on my 8350 and a xfx r9 270x and i get 30+ with rex texture direct, ASNext, pmdg 777 and 737ngx with max res. check out matt davies youtube videos for this config file for ASNext. it helps alot.
  2. scacalackyc

    Tutorial Video: Touch & Goes on the 777

    if you dont like the feel of the elevator control on the yoke then you should try this mod. it makes it so much easier. i used 2 of those oven proof rubberbands that the wife had in the drawer. and i absolutly love flying it like that. it does void the warrenty but IMO it well worth it. also check out youtube for other modifications. like the throttle detent at idle not as pronounced as you would like it.