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  1. Thank you very much everyone who has helped me with my problem. I am really relieved to find that I was doing nothing wrong. My project will very likely throw up other problems but I do know now that they will not be related to the validation messages!
  2. Thank you very much Paul, unfortunately the link you have provided does not offer guidance about the PackageBuilder validation errors and what can be done about them.
  3. Sorry to have taken up so much space but I must have clicked the wrong area when I wanted to reply. I am starting to have some success in modifying an existing airfield with the help of ADE. I would like to edit the airfield to resemble its appearance thirty years ago, which is when I used to fly to there in a microlight biplane. The biplane was based at nearby EGHP Popham which I will also edit. What a pleasure to see these airfields again in a simulation. The airfield I am working on first is EGAJ Chilbolton and I have succeeded in creating an ADE project for it using an MSFS Bgl. It needs more editing but I wonder if someone could help me with the following: When I click BUILD PROJECT it compiles the work and I then get a validation failure message about a missing folder and file. On pressing any key to continue I sometimes get the message "Copy to community folder" and sometimes I get the error code -1073741510. Repeating the BUILD PROJECT procedure once or twice more will produce the "Copy to community folder" message. This is probably due to the early stage of development of this incredibly valuable programme. It appears to be functioning sufficiently well to be useable, but I would like to be sure before I spend a lot of time on it. I could not find a way to attach a screenshot of the error message so have copied and pasted it below. project XML: M:\BL Folders\BL Projects\Test\Test.xml temp dir: M:\BL Folders\BL Projects\Test\_PackageInt output dir: M:\BL Folders\BL Projects\Test\. PackageBuilder | Reading M:\BL Folders\BL Projects\Test\Test.xml... PackageBuilder | Preparing asset groups... PackageBuilder | Done, 2 asset groups registered. PackageBuilder | Generating commands for package egaj-chilbolton... PackageBuilder | Preparing commands for asset group egaj-airport... PackageBuilder | Ready, 1 commands added. PackageBuilder | Starting the build... PackageBuilder | Build package egaj-chilbolton ... PackageBuilder | Building assets for the package egaj-chilbolton... Compiling BGL from file egaj-airport.xml... PackageBuilder | Mirroring... PackageBuilder | Generating package information ... PackageBuilder | Validating Package 'egaj-chilbolton'... [Package Validation] 'egaj-chilbolton' - Error@misc: Missing folder 'M:\BL Folders\BL Projects\Test\Packages\egaj-chilbolton\MarketplaceData' [Package Validation] 'egaj-chilbolton' - Error@misc: Missing or invalid Business file 'M:\BL Folders\BL Projects\Test\Packages\egaj-chilbolton\Business.json' Package Validation failed for 'egaj-chilbolton' PackageBuilder | Finished, 0 skipped, 1 done and 1 failed, took 0s088ms. Press any key to continue . . . All the above still does not look right with the total absence of formatting and word wrap, I hope it can be read OK without too much trouble.
  4. Thank you, could you please tell me where I should search for the forum?
  5. Is there a forum for Airport Design Editor for MSFS? I am trying to set up a project and cannot find information on what to enter in the box "Output Folder" in the Project section of F20 Project Properties?
  6. I finally locate "install anyway" and the SDK is now installed.
  7. tried to download the SDK and received the message: MSFS_SDK__Installer_....msi was blocked because it could harm your device How can I get past this?
  8. I have just installed MSFS 2020 and am having a problem loading flights. On start up I can load a saved flight with no problem using: world map/load-save/load/select flight from folder/open/fly When I then try to load another saved flight it crashes. I used: Esc/load-save/load/select flight from folder/open This closes down the simulator every time. Does anyone else have this problem?
  9. Thanks Bjoern, that is very useful information and I'll make good use of it.
  10. Where can I find instructions on how to add or edit GA traffic in Traffic Global installed in X-Plane 11?
  11. Is there an equivalent to the Xplane WED World Editor for the new Microsoft flight simulator? Also the Plane Maker? Brian Lumb
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