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  1. Thanks, I did a little historical research and found that the Flyer engine did not have a throttle. I will try the official MSFS forum for the best way to blip the power in our simulator. I know that a video about the MSFS version of the flyer has been made but I do dislike instructive videos which for me require constant stopping and starting to allow note taking and waste much precious time. Notes are better! Brian Lumb
  2. Thank you for your suggestion. When I searched the term "throttle" in Controls Options it confirmed that axis Z is on the throttle axis. I tried to attach a screenshot to this reply but am baffled by the Avsim requirement to insert a URL instead of an attachment. My joystick throttle is set up properly and works with all other aircraft. Perhaps this is intentional and the Flier did not have a controllable throttle, maybe just a simple 'blip' function? Brian Lumb
  3. The MSFS Wright Flyer is fascinating but I cannot control the engine power with my joystick. Is this intentional or does something have to be set? Brian Lumb
  4. Thank you so much Mick, your advice has worked and it has saved me many hours of restorative work. The restore operation from backup was an adventure and it did not work at first. I re-read your contribution and in particular the information that the profiles are stored in the cloud. I did another restore operation with the internet disconnected and voila all my profiles were there again! I don't know why Microsoft/Asobo puts some of us through all these loops, this is not the first time that I have had issues following an update. Thank you again. Brian
  5. The MSFS Mandatory Update which was distributed yesterday has deleted all my aircraft joystick profiles which I set up in the Options/Controls Options and has also altered many of the settings. Fortunately I regularly back up MSFS which is installed on a separate drive, and I thought that it would be a simple matter to locate and re-install the profiles. I have searched the backup drive but cannot find them, does anyone know where MSFS stores profiles?
  6. Thanks to the help of all who contributed to this thread I have solved the problem with a combination of 7Zip and the Addon Linker. I used 7Zip on the Community folder to enable it to be moved to another drive, unzipped it and behold there was the Community folder filled with all my unlocked files. I then set up Addon Linker and MSFS if running perfectly. I am now looking forward to flying the Ants Tiger Moth to all those minor UK airfields.
  7. Good morning cianpars, regarding your third paragraph the restriction is bigger than blocking the movement of files to another drive, I've just tried copying one of them to another location on the same drive and that is also barred.
  8. Many thanks to those who have replied to this request for help. Later this weekend I will try the 7Zip and Addon Linker solutions and will report back. Having read your responses I realise that the problem may have been triggered by the installation of a bigger drive for MSFS, I Installed a larger capacity drive to replace a 250GB unit. I was then obliged to update MSFS from the Microsoft Store.
  9. MSFS has been running well but I think I have accidentally changed a setting. Some of the folders including Community and Official now have a yellow lock symbol in the top right corner and when I try to copy a file from there an error message reads "Your organisation does not allow you to place this file here". I have a screen shot of the locked files but can't find a way to add it here. Does anyone know what has happened and how I can fix it?
  10. Does MSFS delete old files and clean up after updating? I have a 250GB drive dedicated to MSFS only and it is getting uncomfortably full. When I bought it I thought that 250GB would be ample capacity, but it now looks like I may have to scrap it and install a bigger drive. Currently it is reporting 68GB free and recent updates appear to be filling it more rapidly.
  11. Thank you very much everyone who has helped me with my problem. I am really relieved to find that I was doing nothing wrong. My project will very likely throw up other problems but I do know now that they will not be related to the validation messages!
  12. Thank you very much Paul, unfortunately the link you have provided does not offer guidance about the PackageBuilder validation errors and what can be done about them.
  13. Sorry to have taken up so much space but I must have clicked the wrong area when I wanted to reply. I am starting to have some success in modifying an existing airfield with the help of ADE. I would like to edit the airfield to resemble its appearance thirty years ago, which is when I used to fly to there in a microlight biplane. The biplane was based at nearby EGHP Popham which I will also edit. What a pleasure to see these airfields again in a simulation. The airfield I am working on first is EGAJ Chilbolton and I have succeeded in creating an ADE project for it using an MSFS Bgl. It needs more editing but I wonder if someone could help me with the following: When I click BUILD PROJECT it compiles the work and I then get a validation failure message about a missing folder and file. On pressing any key to continue I sometimes get the message "Copy to community folder" and sometimes I get the error code -1073741510. Repeating the BUILD PROJECT procedure once or twice more will produce the "Copy to community folder" message. This is probably due to the early stage of development of this incredibly valuable programme. It appears to be functioning sufficiently well to be useable, but I would like to be sure before I spend a lot of time on it. I could not find a way to attach a screenshot of the error message so have copied and pasted it below. project XML: M:\BL Folders\BL Projects\Test\Test.xml temp dir: M:\BL Folders\BL Projects\Test\_PackageInt output dir: M:\BL Folders\BL Projects\Test\. PackageBuilder | Reading M:\BL Folders\BL Projects\Test\Test.xml... PackageBuilder | Preparing asset groups... PackageBuilder | Done, 2 asset groups registered. PackageBuilder | Generating commands for package egaj-chilbolton... PackageBuilder | Preparing commands for asset group egaj-airport... PackageBuilder | Ready, 1 commands added. PackageBuilder | Starting the build... PackageBuilder | Build package egaj-chilbolton ... PackageBuilder | Building assets for the package egaj-chilbolton... Compiling BGL from file egaj-airport.xml... PackageBuilder | Mirroring... PackageBuilder | Generating package information ... PackageBuilder | Validating Package 'egaj-chilbolton'... [Package Validation] 'egaj-chilbolton' - Error@misc: Missing folder 'M:\BL Folders\BL Projects\Test\Packages\egaj-chilbolton\MarketplaceData' [Package Validation] 'egaj-chilbolton' - Error@misc: Missing or invalid Business file 'M:\BL Folders\BL Projects\Test\Packages\egaj-chilbolton\Business.json' Package Validation failed for 'egaj-chilbolton' PackageBuilder | Finished, 0 skipped, 1 done and 1 failed, took 0s088ms. Press any key to continue . . . All the above still does not look right with the total absence of formatting and word wrap, I hope it can be read OK without too much trouble.
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