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  1. Igap

    Wind Data Import with T7 FMC

    Ok so i will decheck weather on ivao, and will use Rex and buy pfpx, Looks like a good programm to me Thanks for your help!
  2. Igap

    Wind Data Import with T7 FMC

    Hi Captains, Sorry for getting this up again. Couldnt find an answer so i thought i'm trying my luck Is there a Chance to Import the online ivao weather into the fmc? As it differents from "real" weather so if i plan in pfpx(i dont own it btw) or Rex or whereever i will not be the exakt weather on ivao. So long, i Hope i wrote it understandable Regards Patrick Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Igap

    Rejected Takeoff issues

    Any news on the issue? I'm also having the same problems as mentioned above. No Throttle Controller Used, i'm using the fictive Austrian Airlines Livery, if this is any help If not using Autobrake on RTO it works fine for T/O, but that shouldnt be the right way or regards
  4. Igap

    Old navdata on new purchase?

    Was just an idea, and a Year subscription costs about 25 if i remember right? So 20% would be 5€ discount, aint worth it for some but some People would be happy with it. But anyway i dont wanted to start a general discussion Gesendet von meinem iPad mit Tapatalk
  5. Igap

    Old navdata on new purchase?

    Just my 2 Cents, wouldn't it be practical if PMDG could make an agreement with Navigraph or Aerosoft for some discount? All would be happy, and Navigraph or Aerosoft would be manufacturer of choice But anyway, my question was answered and i'm good with it Btw. i love the 777 and i'm happy that i did that purchase
  6. Igap

    PMDG 777 freezing

    I had the Same Problem, than i did the uninstall advice from pmdg and now it works perfect Hope this helps you Gesendet von meinem iPad mit Tapatalk
  7. Igap

    Addier new wp After atc Message

    Ah ok, thx for your help now i really Need Star and Trans clearance Rgds Gesendet von meinem iPad mit Tapatalk
  8. Dear pilots, So yesterday i updated my navdata file, everything went fine. So i tried my saved flight to eddf. When i flew there the First Time online, i had One minor Problem. The Controller wanted me to Flyer direct to df416, After some secs, due no change from my side.... He wanted me to fly to df415. As they are in the Transition Charts of rwy25, i thought this wouldnt be any Problem. But i couldnt find any fmc entry which could fit. I always Get the error, invalid entry. So i know its my mistake, but can someone help me to clear it away? Best regards Patrick Gesendet von meinem iPad mit Tapatalk
  9. Double damn tapatalk
  10. Igap

    Old navdata on new purchase?

    Thanks for the fast reply, and sorry for the 5 posts... Always got an error wehen posting... Rgds Patrick Gesendet von meinem iPad mit Tapatalk
  11. Igap

    Old navdata on new purchase?

    Dear Forum, After tranig search i couldnt find an answer. So please dont kill me if this question has been alrdy answered I bought the 777 about 2 weeks ago. And after playing a but around and trying some things. I recognised(only online a problem) that the navdata is out of date. So i am asking if i Need to purchase new datas or is there a possibility to get them from pmdg? There are some other questions, but this is the important one, may the other will get solved with new navdata Krgds Patrick