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  1. 09tir98

    Ortho4XP for FSX/P3D

    The resample step is what took so long. That step took 2 hours.
  2. 09tir98

    B747-8 Beta PIREP

    Oh my god this looks so good! Looks like the PMDG team has done an amazing job as usual.
  3. 09tir98

    Ortho4XP for FSX/P3D

    Great program, Ortho looks great in P3D. Although it takes extremely long time to generate a tile. Generating a ZL16 tile would generally take me 10-20 minutes for X-Plane but generating a ZL16 tile for P3D took me 2 hours and 30 minutes. Any reason for this?
  4. I'm using P3D 4.1. When P3D has finished loading I get a ChasePlane.exe has stopped working.
  5. Chaseplane crashes with advanced features enabled with both experimental versions on and off.
  6. Thanks. I'll try disabling it later on and see if it makes a difference.
  7. A restart of the sim did fix the issue but I do not think it's a one time bug since I did experience the same issue yesterday.
  8. Hello! Getting a very strange issue with the 747. I have green/blue backlights on the radio panel and on the clock. Tried resetting the color in the FMC but that didn't work. If I lower the brightness of the lights a bit it goes back to normal.
  9. Hello! I'm trying to use the cinematic mode on the PMDG 747 but the camera is way to close to the plane. I have the Zoom offset set to 0, if I set it to -5 I am able to see the whole plane but everything is distorted because it's zoomed out to much.
  10. 09tir98

    Cinematic mode crash

    Everything seems to have been fixed in v0.2.74 Experimental.
  11. 09tir98

    Cinematic mode crash

    FSX, Experimental Versions. Also I'm not able to see my VAS anymore. I just see the simley that I'm assuming you only should see when you're using P3D v4.
  12. With the recent update I've been getting crashes every time I go in to Cinematic mode. It goes in to cinematic mode but I don't see my aircraft, I just see the cockpit. When i then try to exit cinematic mode ChasePlane crashes.
  13. 09tir98

    N7470 Work in progress

    It's been sent to the library, should be there shortly.