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  1. Because Aviaworx Flybywire is a fantastic tool, even if some planes are old, but the simulator tends to nervous shots that are not absolutely realistic, Flybywire perfectly corrects these unreal shots, that's why I wanted it to work, hopefully in the future. Alean
  2. Hi guys, the Flybywire, I use it with all planes and it works great, only I have problems with the Leonardo Maddog, which when I activate it, it becomes paralyzed, I can no longer move the joystick, what can be the problem? Alean
  3. Hi guys, I bought aviaworx CDU for CRJ aerosoft, it works correctly, I just don't understand, how do you activate the DAVE? Alean
  4. Now it works, I connected the correct key of the Sim Yoke, I hear the activation and deactivation sound, only I would like to understand, which corresponds the activation tone and the deactivation tone
  5. Hi guys, I bought the Aviaflybywire license, I activated it, in the settings, I connected a button, of the Sim Yoke, I just can't understand, how do I notice when I connect and disconnect it? other question, i have all controls via FSUIPC, does it work the same? do i need to have the controls directly with the flight simulator? Alessandro
  6. Yes, thank you, I had already seen it I wanted to know, if it will be possible to activate it only on some aircraft of the simulator and not necessarily at all. Alean
  7. Hi guys, but aviaflybywire, is this a product that has yet to be released? Alean
  8. Ok solved, I installed the previous scenario LICC Prepar3d V4 with the updated files, on the Prepar3d V5 simulator, I uninstalled it, and maybe it unblocked the situation, because I tried to install the LICC Prepar3d V5 update and finally accepted the serial number, and now everything works correctly Alessandro
  9. Yes I always right click as administrator Alessandro
  10. I contacted Simmarket, and in the end it abandoned me, they showed me this link,https://thegeekpage.com/disable-blocking-of-downloading-files-in-windows-10/ I started but then I stopped, too complex, I'm afraid of damaging the register, now I wrote an email to the producer, let's see if he answers me. Alessandro
  11. Yes, I bought it on Simmarket, me too for many years, I bought everything on Simmarket, I never had any problems, while now this scenario. I've been crazy to install it for about a month, I opened a ticket, and they recommended a very complex maneuver in the registry, I wouldn't want to mess up my PC, I deactivated the anti-virus, Kaspersky, it doesn't change anything, it always comes out the same writing: Activation invalid. Please contact customer support. Alessandro
  12. Hi guys, I bought the update of LICC Catania airport for Prepar3d V5, only it always tells me activation invalid, I opened a ticket, where they tell me that the PC blocks activation, I have Windows 10 pro , and Kaspersky internet security, do you have any suggestions? thank you. Alessandro
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