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  1. Hi guys, since Maddog X has its windows that conflict me with Cheaseplane I use for all the other airplanes, when in the simulator I launch Maddo X, is there a way to not let Cheaseplane activate? Alean
  2. alean

    Next Aircraft?

    P3D LEONARDO MADDOG X Cheseplane
  3. alean

    Virtual cockpit windows 737

    I installed Cheseplane, so I solved it for now. Alean
  4. alean

    Virtual cockpit windows 737

    Hi guys, I can not understand how do you get in VC the complete view of the captain's instrumentation? in the window options of Prepar3d 4.4 there are not many possibilities, I await your directions thanks bye Alean
  5. alean

    Prepar3D 4.2, FSLabs A320X and LINDA 3.0.5

    I have updated my A320 Flightsimlabs, to Prepar3d 4.2, only that it works correctly only with FSUIPC5 123c with the update inserted in the modules folder of FSUIPC5 123d; in fact LINDA does not work for me. alean
  6. Good afternoon, as for the drivers of VRinsight Tack and Toggle I do not know, because when I opened the package I immediately connected the USB cable, and has installed itself; I'll try to disconnect the two Opencockpit products when I'm downhill; when I start a flight; start-ups, pushbacks, taxis, take-offs, climb cruise altitude, LINDA works well, while once the descent started almost in the approach phase when I'm at 10000 feet I turn on the VRinsight Tack and Toggle Landing lights switch and I notice that they do not work, and by checking any other LINDA command nothing works anymore, I do the landing, taxi to the gate and LINDA in addition to not giving more imput, it goes crashing; I wanted to know, in the Joistick set-up, the VRinsight, and two products Opencockpit being written pad is right? do I have to set another name through the curtain? I add all my commands on the simulator, they are disabled, because they are all configured via FSUIPC5.c123 you place enlarged screenshots I hope readable, one of the crashes when I'm in descent Screenshot (147) by Alessandro Anile, su Flickr I put the check mark on START GUI, when I start the LINDA simulator starts correctly, while when I close the simulator, LINDA does not close, I have to intervene manually, and crashes Screenshot (164) by Alessandro Anile, su Flickr
  7. Good afternoon, the PAD USB, is the VRinsight Tack and Toggle, the two Opencockpit products, they are a Tiller and a Landing gear, they have an electronic card each; I do not know if they are configured correctly, maybe if you can suggest the configuration; I tried to disconnect them, but the VRinsight switches and the Throttle switches, sometimes do not work constantly, in the sense that they are always disconnected, ON and not OFF and vice versa, so I always have to intervene to reconfigure the input. Screenshot (159) by Alessandro Anile, su Flickr Screenshot (158) by Alessandro Anile, su Flickr 20140924064935cont2 by Alessandro Anile, su Flickr volantea320 by Alessandro Anile, su Flickr trena320 by Alessandro Anile, su Flickr USB_Axes_pequena by Alessandro Anile, su Flickr
  8. Hello sorry, I suggest you download the latest version of FSUIPC 5? if so, where should I download it from?
  9. Screenshot (145) by Alessandro Anile, su Flickr Screenshot (147) by Alessandro Anile, su Flickr
  10. I've just sent you the mail with the files; how do you send the screenshot on the forum in the easiest way?
  11. For the lights of the landing, I use: ON PRESS: VC OVHD EXTLT LAND L ON ON RELEASE: VC OVHD EXTLT LAND L RETR ON PRESS VC OVHD EXTLT LAND R ON ON RELEASE: VC OVHD EXTLT LAND R RETR The problem is that only the landing lights do not work, no commands work anymore, when they are approaching;
  12. Hello guys, I have a new problem with LINDA on A320 Flightsimlabs; when I start a flight, everything works correctly; after starting the descent, at feet 10000, when I have to turn on the landing lights, no commands work anymore, and the LINDA window appears all white to me, what can the poblema be?
  13. If I remove CheasePlane how do I make windows in the cockpit? is there any alternative to suggest?