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  1. SIC, 2 airlines: E170/175, and the DHC-8. I miss flying the Dash but I sure like the fact that the Embraer actually cools down in the summer. Plus, it's nice not doing 8 leg days in the northeast. Especially in the winter. PIC: BE-76, C150/152/172/182/182RG, PA28/34/44, and an odd one....Symphony 160. Sailplanes, PIC: Schweizer 1-26, 2-22, 2-32, 2-33, and 1-34. Grob 103, and LET L-23. As a passenger: A318/319/320/321 A330-200/300 A340-300 ATR-72 Avro RJ85 B717 B727-100/200 B737-200/300/400/500/700/800 B757-200/300 B767-200/300/400 B777-200 CE402 (Cape Air) CRJ-200/700/900 DC-9-10/30/40/50 DHC-8-100/200/300/400 EMB120, E135/145, E170/175/190 MD-11 (jumpseat on FedEx) MD-81/82/83/88/90 SF340 I envy you guys who got to ride on all the old recips!
  2. Great idea for a thread.... Carriers: Comair-commuted on these guys for years. (looking back through my N-numbers, I had actually been on the LEX accident aircraft (431CA) a few years before) ASA-(now part of ExpressJet) Colgan AIr-both on the Saab and Q400. Never got to ride on the Beech. Freedom Airlines (the DL Connection system, was part of Mesa Air Group), both DHC-8 and E145 MetroJet (US Airways, single-class B737-200's) Southeast Airlines (MD-88, charter) When I worked the ramp, I threw a lot of bags into USA3000's A320's.....also worked Ryan International frequently.