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  1. Hey Stephen Thanks so much , it was very helpful Best Regards Sergio :-)
  2. Hello guys In OpusFsi how to make the clouds moving with the wind? In Rex4 OD I can see that effect Thanks
  3. Thanks again Keven Best regards Sérgio
  4. heyyy waitt i found the solution, i got it :DDD I uninstall and reinstalled only for P3dV2 Because with russian migration tool active i uninstalled only for FSX
  5. ok ive upload the pic, user is sergiozaki thanks
  6. Hi Keven thanks so much for your attention It didnt work , i think the default effect with the PrecipitFX are mixed Is there a way i can attach a pic so you can watch? Thanks
  7. hello guys Sorry for my english but il try Iam having double engine smoke effects ( double Contrails ) Any sugestion? Thanks Best regards Sergio
  8. sergiozaki

    Aerosoft Lisbon v2 Released

    hi there, I have some problems 2. No runway light and jet effects don't work :(
  9. Heyy Westlin I can help you I had the same problem, couldn't play Fsx with wilco A380 or any other add on, tried Vista 32/64,win7 32/64 it was 6 months with nightmares I was so Hill to play Fsx with no problems with wilco One day I tried Win 8 64 bits Fsx with wilco and.... Voilá 90 hours of flight online with no problems It worked with me, have a trye ( sorry my English)
  10. sergiozaki

    DX10 & FSX Instability

    Hi guys My english is not so good , but ill try it, yesterday finnaly i got FSX runing on win7 64bits with no problems Before win 7 i used to play FSX on XP 64bits One thing is different , on XP 64bits the water was more detailed, the reflex but now on win 7 its not the same Maybe is the DirectX? Any idea? Thanks Best regards Sergio
  11. Hi all HERE is THE solution , uiautomationcore.dll didnt help me I tried everything in 6 months , only windows XP 32 or 64 bits was possible to play it with no problems As you can see my english is not so perfect but i explain it . I wanted to run FSX with win 7 64bits but i thought it was impossible with this board GA-EP43T-USB3 , 2 duo E8400, 4Gb DDr3 gskill, HD radeon 7750 1gb ddr5 This is a very old equipment i know I even try it with Vista 32 or 64 bits, Win 7 32 or 64 bits then i got back to XP 64bits 3 days ago i tought to my self .....Dammmm this time ill try it again I installed Win7 64bits , after any update YOU HAVE TO RESTART, them next update install EVERY updates you can get , then the hardware drivers of your machine. Dont forget to restart every driver you install. Finally i installed the first part of FSX , restarted , play FSX , chose a plane, airport ( runway) , check all views, end flight , EXIT GAME and now restart Windows Now you can install Accelereation PACK, restart and play it again, restart and install the first Addon you want And Finnaly i Made it , everything is going fine with no problems, dont forget to restart after you install any pack, addon or plane Hope it helps you