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  1. Dan Weston

    OpusFSI Release Version 5.22.5 Available

    ok, will uninstall beta and reinstall 3.41...thanks, Cheryl
  2. Dan Weston

    OpusFSI Release Version 5.22.5 Available

    Hi Cheryl, No errors detected... Dan
  3. Dan Weston

    OpusFSI Release Version 5.22.5 Available

    I am having problems with Opusfsx shutting down right after new weather is updated. My fsxserver log says no errors (didn't have permission to upload the file). I have done everything I know of by the guides including uninstalling older version with windows control panel and reinstalling this beta. I am using trackir5 and it is working fine. So, I start fsx and tracker. Then start opusfsx (it is configured per the guides) and the weather updates fine (greyed out button for 30 seconds). I have the fsx menu addon, spy shows all is well, including METARS being downloaded. Then, opusfsx shutsdown (not in taskbar) and I lose the addon menu, as expected. I have run the simconnect.msi within opusfsx folder and checked that I have Microsoft .net (4.5 something..the latest). I have tried installing and uninstalling, starting and restarting PC and get the same results...what am I doing wrong?