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  1. yumazuma

    The AXE-man cometh...

    Had the same problem. If I run P3d v2 as an administrator, the stuttering is limited and does not get worse, and you can finish the flight (even if it takes 2+ hours) . No hotfix 19 nor asc.dll change installed. AXE installed through the Estonia migration tool. Outrageous by the way that after 6 months there is still no P3d v2 compatible installer. Most of their customers will be flying P3d and they still prioritize legacy products. Amazing business decision if you ask me. I hope they wake up soon.
  2. yumazuma

    Prepar3D 2.2 Released!

    30 miles. further seems to impact but is hardly visible.
  3. yumazuma

    Prepar3D 2.2 Released!

    Wow. Just wow. Did a fresh install and update the nvidia drivers to the new beta's. On high settings (without addons though) the frame rates seems much much better, at around 60 fps on high settings (GTX 780) with cloud shadows, which are great by the way. Perhaps it is the higher frame rates but it looks smoother as well. Enjoy!