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  1. whanson

    Shader DX10

    Steve, I installed the fixer and found that a few shaders were inactive on the control screen. So, I deleted the existing shader file and loaded the original. Everything went as planned except the reinstall of the fixer. I had to go back to the Flight Sim Store to install. I performed the fixer uninstall with windows like you recommended. When I attempted to reinstall with my saved version of the .exe file, it did not have the wrapper and would not install. My question is, if I ever have to reinstall will I need to do it through the Flight Sim store? By the way, everything is working beautifully and I am very happy with the product. I have all shader boxes activated, progressive taxi, and no white AI traffic. Thanks, Bill.
  2. whanson

    Rain shader grayed out

    General Comment. I purchased the DX10 fixer last night and had the greyed out general and rain shaders. No need to reply how to fix - I got that. I''l make the repairs tonight. I've been using DX10 for about a year now after a new build. All I can say is that I don't now why everyone isn't onboard. After a few tweaks I had it running as smooth as silk. I'm not sure how to post a video, but I will one day soon. Anyway, what led to my purchase of the fixer lastnight was the installation of WOAI packages and some white planes. The fixer fixed the issue. Thanks for all of your hard work Steve. I appreciate it. Dx10 is the only way to go. I still don't have progressive taxi?? Bill.