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  1. Did it. No error message this time. But no automatic reply either. Please let me know, if it went through.
  2. Hello, i tried to reply to the email. But unfortunately, i'm getting the same error message again: "child status 100...The e-mail message could not be delivered because the user's mailfolder is full." Don't really know what is going on. But the error message implies, that the receiving mailfolder is full. In any case, i'm not able to uninstall the GNS without an error message. And i can't register it, because of another error message... :huh:
  3. Well. I used the address shown on the Mindstar Aviation side (support@mindstaraviation.com). I even received an automatic reply for that first one: "Your request (663) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff. To add additional comments, reply to this email." And for the second one, i received that: "child status 100...The e-mail message could not be delivered because the user's mailfolder is full." Since that message tells me that it couldn't be delivered because the mailfolder is full, i would say that something must have gone wrong with that automated process. And my name is in the email. If that mail hasn't gone lost, you should be able to find it. Marco Dorigo
  4. Hello, i'm having several problems with the Garmin GNS 430-530. First, i couldn't create user waypoints. So i've sent a mail to support, asking if it was an error, or if that function isn't implemented (though there's a section about user waypoints in the guide to the GNS.INI. So i would think, it's implemented). That was yesterday. And i didn't receive an answer til now. Since then, i tried to reinstall the program to see, if that would help. Though i unregistered and got a message that it was successful, i received an error message when i tried to uninstall. Now i'm always getting another error message, when i try to install the GNS again.. So i tried to send a second mail to support, and received the following message: child status 100...The e-mail message could not be delivered because the user's mailfolder is full... Mindstar DOES read the mails written to support, doesn't it?.... Marco Dorigo
  5. I've sent some error logs to Tegwyn. After some tests, it seems (at least concerning the airport LIPR) it's only happening at one of the parking ramps. He now tries to find out, what's the reason for that problem. About the problem with zone transit, he wrote that he knows about it. It's really a bug and he wants to have it fixed with the next release.
  6. Well. Maybe i'm doing something wrong. But i couldn't find another way around this issue, until now. I'm only using VoxATC since a week ago. Before changing to P3D, i used RC4. And i also used PFE. And even with all it's faults, i still consider VoxATC the best ATC addon. All i need is the possibility to contact the controllers in vfr flights, and not to have to disable the program to get the right runway at approach. Oh well. And real schedules for the AI aircraft would be nice. That slider about traffic feels totally wrong to me. There's either to much traffic at small airports, or too little at big ones (and no possibility to separate GA and scheduled traffic). Or other planes spawning inside your aircraft at the gate...
  7. Exactly. And that's what i'm trying to do when flying VFR. Problem is simply, it only works at the first zone. After leaving that, i can't request permission at another zone, in case there is one. There's simply no option. If i'm "lucky", i get a "say again" from the controller when i try to change to another frequency. But not only that. In those cases, i can't even get a landing clearance at my destination airport. The only way to do it, is to disable and enable VoxATC again.
  8. Something like that. When i'm following a flight plan in vfr and i'm about to enter for example an airport zone, i get the option to request transit, by VoxATC. And when i'm granted transit, the controller tells me to notify him, when leaving zone. After that, controller tells me that frequency changing is approved. But i'm not able to contact other airport zones or my destination airport, afterwards. The option just doesn't appear anymore. If i restart VoxATC after transit, the option to contact my destination airport appears, though.
  9. I've also send a message. Not only because of that problem with AI traffic, but also because VFR in Europe. Maybe i'm doing something wrong. But after having requested a zone transit, i'm not able to get in contact with my destination airport. At least not, without restarting VoxATC. But if i don't request a transit on the way, then i can contact my destination airport without problem...
  10. Unfortunately, that seems to happen quite often. I had "Traffic Density" at 100%, with my little Diamond Da40 parked at "Parking 2 - Ramp GA Small" at LIPR. And another GA Aircraft spawned right inside my cabin... So i lowered the Traffic Density. Must have been around 70%, when Voxatc finally stopped spawning other planes right inside my Aircraft. But that still wasn't enough. Because most of the time when i taxied to the runway, i happened to end behind another plane which never entered the runway at all. Again, i had to lower Traffic Density. Finally at 30%, i was able to get off the airport, without aircraft trying to kill me or block my way to the runway. But then, i arrived at the airport EDAB. And while parking at slot 1, i was rammed by another aircraft from an adjacent ramp on it's way to the runway. So i started the VoxATCIndexer again, hoping that maybe i had changed something in the scenery, and forgot to run it afterwards. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. Whenever i put my aircraft there with the Traffic Density higher than approx. 10%, there's a plane spawning, trying to get to runway 7L, and running right through me. At least, if they take that runway because of the weather. It's driving me crazy. More so, since i really like this ATC program. The only things missing for me, are the possibility to use a traffic addon with real schedules, and to have it loading the real weather before directing you down to the arrival airport. These two things, and VoxATC would fit my needs perfectly.
  11. Oh well. If they deliberately don't change that, i'll deliberately keep my money and spend it on UTX, once it is available. Because this looks neither good, nor real. Do we get pink bunnies instead of cars on the streets, next? Deliberately?
  12. I surely don't know, if they have some kind of contractual agreement. But in principal, telling a developer to make a product compatible for an addon, seems quite strange to me. I probably would tell them to "deal with it". More than ever, if i would represent a company like Lockheed Martin. But we also don't know LM's real agenda, either. But i begin to imagine the insuing chaos, if every addon developer does the same. In the end, nobody knows whose responsible, and nobody is accountable. Good luck waiting for fixes, if that happens. An while they all decide who has to fix what, i'll lean back and wait to see what happens with UTX...
  13. Nah. You shouldn't hate anyone. Just get sober. The weekend is over. :wacko:
  14. Hi Michael, thank you for the info. Now i only need to decide, if i really want to go that route. Guess i'll wait a bit, and watch how that whole story develops. After my visit on the ORBX forums, i'm a bit uncertain.
  15. You can't tell. Since it's not only about registered forum users. It's also about word of mouth. It's quite easy to fall into that trap, as long as sales figures are fine. But times aren't always good. And that's, when such things often come back to haunt people (and companies...). I was quite disgusted about that post. And i wouldn't even say that i was one of the targets. To tell the truth, i was hoping to get an answer back from one of the guys who make the FS Global software. Since i had decided to go with FS Global Ultimate as mesh (why go for second best?). And i don't know if there are problems with installation into Prepar3d V2 (i saw that there will be a new installer for the DVD version of Global 2010). And i would also like a download option, instead of DVD's. But well. That thread is locked now. And as i said. You don't belittle your customers. And it's not only about sales figures. It's about manners.
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