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  1. Oh well. If they deliberately don't change that, i'll deliberately keep my money and spend it on UTX, once it is available. Because this looks neither good, nor real. Do we get pink bunnies instead of cars on the streets, next? Deliberately?
  2. I surely don't know, if they have some kind of contractual agreement. But in principal, telling a developer to make a product compatible for an addon, seems quite strange to me. I probably would tell them to "deal with it". More than ever, if i would represent a company like Lockheed Martin. But we also don't know LM's real agenda, either. But i begin to imagine the insuing chaos, if every addon developer does the same. In the end, nobody knows whose responsible, and nobody is accountable. Good luck waiting for fixes, if that happens. An while they all decide who has to fix what, i'll lean back and wait to see what happens with UTX...
  3. Nah. You shouldn't hate anyone. Just get sober. The weekend is over. :wacko:
  4. Hi Michael, thank you for the info. Now i only need to decide, if i really want to go that route. Guess i'll wait a bit, and watch how that whole story develops. After my visit on the ORBX forums, i'm a bit uncertain.
  5. You can't tell. Since it's not only about registered forum users. It's also about word of mouth. It's quite easy to fall into that trap, as long as sales figures are fine. But times aren't always good. And that's, when such things often come back to haunt people (and companies...). I was quite disgusted about that post. And i wouldn't even say that i was one of the targets. To tell the truth, i was hoping to get an answer back from one of the guys who make the FS Global software. Since i had decided to go with FS Global Ultimate as mesh (why go for second best?). And i don't know if there are problems with installation into Prepar3d V2 (i saw that there will be a new installer for the DVD version of Global 2010). And i would also like a download option, instead of DVD's. But well. That thread is locked now. And as i said. You don't belittle your customers. And it's not only about sales figures. It's about manners.
  6. After their CEO locked the thread about the mesh clarification, practically calling everyone with criticism about Vector and FS Global a cry-baby, i'm not sure if i still want to invest more money in that company.
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