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  1. Thanks for all the advice guys, I'm planning on using the Aerosoft Airbus in airports like UK2000 Gatwick, do you think I'd be able to achieve 30fps with these systems as they are? I'd like to overclock but I'm struggling to find anything that will on my budget of £700. Also do you think I'd achieve better FPS if I switched over to Prepar3d? Being as I think it can use all 4 cores.
  2. I'm going out to buy a new computer next week, and have found two so far with the following specs. Which one do you think would have the superior performance with FSX? I'm planning on using VATSIM, Orbx, Aerosoft sceneries, Airbus X and possibly REX. I'm also open to over-clocking. PC1 (Considerably cheaper) Intel Core i5-4460 Processor (3.20 GHz, 6MB cache) NVIDIA GeForce GTX-960 Graphics 2TB HDD + 120GB SSD 16GB RAM Windows 10 Home PC2 Intel Core i5-4570 Processor (3.3 GHz, 3.7 GHz with TurboBoost, 6 MB cache) NVIDIA GeForce GTX-750 Ti Graphics 2 TB HDD 8 GB RAM Windows 8.1 (Upgrade to Windows 10) Thanks!
  3. Hello! This is my first post on the avsim forums and unfortunately it has to be a CTD! I have been using FSX for over a year now with very few problems, I have various addons such as Airbus X, Several Aerosoft and flyTampa sceneries and quite a few freeware sceneries. I also have the saitek throttle quadrant and Logitech extreme 3D Joystick, so as you can see I have invested quite a lot of money into flightsim. So, the problem first started about a week ago when I flew from Gatwick to Frankfurt and back in the Airbus X, when I was back at Gatwick I set up for another flight up to Edinburgh and took off. After about 10 minutes I got a fatal error message and fsx crashed. I was dissapointed, I had thought that my fatal errors had been fixed but evidently not. I restarted and FSX loaded the `Free flight menu' and fatal errored again, it now does this every time I start it. I have no idea what the problem is, let alone how to fix it! So I have scoured the internet and tried the following: .-Running the repair option on disk 1. -Deleting the FSX.CFG. -Deleting the Logbook.bin. -Renaming addon scenery. -Removing addon aircraft. -Defragmenting I have also ran appcrashview and the exeption code provided was 0x0000005 which I am lead to believe is something to do with memory? I am really, really, really hoping to avoid a reinstall here. I would be so grateful to anybody that can offer any help or advise regarding this, Thanks! Louis ------------------------------------------ My specs Computer - Asus A5tf 3gb RAM Windows 7 Intel core i3