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  1. Hi Pathfinder7, You may have found the file by now, but the folder you are looking for in in Lockheed Martin/Prepar3dv3/SimObjects/Airplanes/CarenadoPC-12. F1GTN750PC12
  2. Up date for the GTN750 and the GNS530. Carenado just emailed me stating the issue with the GNS530 go dark with the instrument light switch be turned on has been fixed. The told me to re-download the PC-12.
  3. I've been looking at the problem i'm having with the GTN750. I did update the program to the latest version. Where I'm finding an issue is with major storm weather, rain, snow, and low visibility. The GTN750 become very slow to react. It's always loosing TAWS and GPS lost signal. In fair and over cast days it works great. I have noticed that the new version allows weather in FIS-B. I have a feeling this is whats causing the slowness in weather condition. Only a guess. I did send a request to Flight1 asking about this. I really like the PC-12 v 2.0.
  4. Hello All, This is a new area for me to try. I like what I have read so far. I agree that Bert is a great asset to the sim world. I enjoy the GTN750 in my Cj2. I like the looks of the PC-12 v2. I am using P3D v3.4 and have found mixed reviews if this plane will work in this version. I do want to keep the GTN750 since I just got it working with1601. Can someone let me know if the GTN750 is a pop up window, or did someone work so magic to have it in the panel? I see there is some other minor issues, but looks like everyone has it under control. Thanks, Craig
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