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  1. I no longer feel Avsim is an appropriate and welcoming place to visit on the Internet. Please close/terminate my account immediately. Thank you.
  2. Where do you keep coming up with the $1000 price point? I walked through a real world GTN update last week and it set us back $310.00 https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/shop-by-accessories/maps/avdb/gtn-worldwide-navdata-database/prod91245.html Even the annual subscription is less than $1000. Do you know for certain I didn't pay for a legitimate copy? How do you know for certain?
  3. Thanks Marcel, hope you can improve upon. The current night lighting as boeing indicated is pretty "hot" and bright. I'll often times just fly with the dome lighting on.
  4. Agreed, I picked it up several months and have been using it. Much preferred over the default sounds.
  5. Circling back on this as I recently did a clean install of Prepar3D and moved to 4.2 which also meant a clean install of the PC-12. As d.tsakiris mentioned if I used the Carenado Cold & Dark panel setting I had issues starting the aircraft and had the massive torque surge on start-up. If I used the Ready for Taxi panel state the aircraft started up just fine, no torque spike and the pumps and ignition both remained in Auto. So I created a new default aircraft load state using the Beechcraft King Air 350 that's included with Prepar3D and configured it with the following conditions: Batteries off Avionics off Throttle at 0% Condition levers at 0% Prop levers at 0% All lights off Main door open (Saved it as default, restarted sim) Now when I load the PC-12 (directly from the menu, not loading another aircraft first) I have completely cold and dark aircraft with the door open. But I still had the startup surge issue and the fuel pumps requiring the ON position vs the Auto position. So I went back to my default King Air and set the Prop levers to 100% (everything staying the same). I now have zero issues with the startup of the aircraft. No torque surge and the fuel pumps/ignition remain in Auto.
  6. KSYI F28 (KRQO) M33 0M4 5D3 3CM I used ADE to flatten and then Vector was fine.
  7. Can you elaborate on the "few" part? Specifically what region or area of region you're referring to? I fly to a lot of smaller airports and I'd say there's 75% chance that they'll have elevation issues that the tool hasn't found. For example, of the last 8 I've visited in the US, 6 of them had issues not detected by the tool and required work in ADE to rectify.
  8. Frank Schilling or Kevin Ham? There's been a lot of "most powerful man in the world" with regards to domain squatting. I suspect Lebron doesn't care about the domain, otherwise he would have gone after Under Armour by now. Kudos to them for making it point at Steph Curry's shoes. I was arguing that Jim mentioned that these websites are violation of their name copyrights. But I'm unable to find any evidence to support such a claim and none have been provided. It would be like saying: "You cannot link to commercial websites of flight simulation products unless they support the page."
  9. Are you unfamiliar with cybersquatting? In this case if Lebron James owned the trademark (not copyright, trademark) he would be well within his right to sue under ACPA. Intent is fine, fearmongering is also fine... right?
  10. Ironically I got a message that the Incommon certificate expired for avsim.com just now. NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID
  11. Isn't a name considered a trademark and not a copyright? Secondly the only trademark in the USPTO database is this one - http://tmsearch.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc&state=4803:1338ie.2.1 Which does not appear to be registered to this website. Can you clarify the remark: "violate our name copyrights." With whom is this name copyrighted?
  12. 1900D, DO228 and Fokker 50 are going to the bigger birds from Carenado. They have a Saab 340 in the works too.
  13. Ray - Sure, that makes sense. Unless you simulate a charter/carrier that requires two pilots? Both of the PC-12 carriers in California require a pilot & co-pilot. YMMV but for me, I usually fly between 8,000 - 25,000. But some of that is because 98% of my PC-12 flights are with FSEconomy and to maintain a minimum of 45 GPH fuel flow, I can't go much higher unless I unrealistically modify aircraft.cfg values. I also do 100% of my flights in North America and in referencing flightaware for PC-12 traffic I've observed that they rarely fly much higher than FL250. Considering some of the winds we've had up there, if I'm flying east-to-west in the US right now I'll rarely go above 16,000. The other night, for example at FL260 I would have had an 80kts+ headwind. I've flown on a couple of PC-12s (IRL) and the ratio that two different pilots gave me was - Distance / 10 + 2000 as a rough estimate. So my 440nm flight last night was flown at FL210 (as I was headed east in the US).
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