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  1. Has anyone had this happen to them? I am flying my filed plan, and then recieved a STAR to the destination, the transisiton was a waypoint I already passed. I programmed the FMC with the STAR and begin flying the rest of the route. VOXatc then vectored me 180degrees back to the waypoint at the transition which was like a 30min deviation from my position. I ended up just shutting voxatc down and landing on an active runway without ATC Is there any way to request direct to a waypoint so I don't have to do this? Or a workaround?
  2. Hi , just got into simming a few months ago, and bought my first addon payware, the Citation X 2.0 from eaglesoft. I read the manuals and I don't know if I'm doing something wrong but I would really appreciate help! I program the FMC etc and takeoff. Fly onto course and set the AP to NAV and VNAV on and everything is fine. Flight proceeds as planned. Once I receive instructions from the destination ATC I put the runway into the FMC and activate it, set the nav frequency to the ILS, and set course. I switch from NAV to HDG mode and follow altitude instructions from ATC. Around this point in every flight is when it goes awry so I have the feeling it is user error... or a conflict with an addon... I change HDG with the bug but the plane will not turn to the set heading. I have to click the HDG button off and on again for it to 'see' the heading change and then it will make the turn. I adjust altitude and the plane will remain at current altitude as I move the setting up or down. At this point I also see that at the top of my PFD that HDG and ALT are constantly blinking. I would manually fly the headings as directed then just try to use the APP mode of the autopilot to make final approach but at that point none of the autopilot functions were working so neither did the approach. So I have been manually landing my few flights I have attempted. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong? Thanks!