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  1. This has been this way since version 1.0 unfortunately they haven't figured out much of the GPS since release. I can only believe that GPS team lead got fired a month prior to release lol.
  2. Whole sim is plagued by this issue - they need to fix it soon because when I fly online or with Pilot2ATC it makes for many issues when an expected approach is different. Happens to me with the G1000 aircraft also. I guess its a bug , but if there is any way to work around this it would at least help until they fix it.
  3. Yup. There is a large thread on the official forums with a lot of people having the same results.
  4. One of the best optimizations I've made for stuttering was disabling the automatic cache completely. I would get momentary stutters with that on, despite cache being written to it's own dedicated SSD drive I installed just for that purpose. If you haven't experimented with that maybe give it a shot.
  5. This isn't that kind of issue I can see the pixels from the low res texture being upsized to fit the mesh just moving the POV to look out the left window. It's terrible. *edit* I found a screenshot as example - it looks so terrible.
  6. Oh yeah photogrammetry is a whole other issue for them to deal with - I turned off the photogrammetry as soon as I saw my first "bombed out" cityscape in the distance. It just isn't there functionally yet. The AI does a great job of doing the filling in of a plausible city in the meantime.
  7. Has there been any word from Asobo on this? I flew my 1st tubeliner flight in the a320 after playing all GA aircraft for the first week. I was overall neutral with the product until yesterday. Once i was passing about FL230 I looked out the window on the way to KPIT and ugh... it looked absolutely terrible. Worse than stock X Plane or P3D. I am trying to pour through all settings to see if I can fix it. Nothing like getting 60fps with a texture that looks like it came out of a 2002 game. Plenty of available bandwidth and VRAM so I don't know what's wrong. This was the moment I realized how valuable Ortho4XP is , because the quality I get from that just destroys MSFS2020.
  8. No , it's not. I'm having extremely word not allowed terrain texturing at high altitudes, at 60+fps and gigs of vram remaining. Something is wrong with the game. Flying GA low altitude it looks great. But I just did my first few flights in the a320 and on the climb i couldn't believe how BAD the ortho imagery is at above FL200 .. it looks like a ipad game. My connection was barely downloading data too so it is not a bandwidth issue either (maybe for MS , but my connection was fine)
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