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  1. I can’t get this to work in a usable way no matter what settings I fudge around with - I also tried .5,.6,.7 of the mod. Using a 3080. It is working and looks good until I start moving and then the g1000 looks like a jumbled puzzle and there are random tears in the screen all around the glareshield and city skylines in the distance flicker all over the place. messed with vsync in app and in the control panel, all types of taa,FAA, etc , spent over an hour trying every setting I could. is there a specific driver version of Nvidia that confirmed works?
  2. Oh my bad..just read there is a beta fix for this. Feel free to delete thread.
  3. So since Tuesday night I have not had any weather through Pilot2ATC. I have used it for a long time just left on NOAA weather. Currently no ATIS at any airport and manually checking the weather with the WX button on the P2ATC interface just says "Not Available" at all airports. I tried installing the latest version. Any ideas what to troubleshoot next? Thank you!
  4. Yep no solution found yet, program now unusable unless I want to hear "with you at flight level 370" 400 times per flight. I tried updating fsuipc , clearing all bindings in msfs, making sure I have no hotkeys bound in p2atc. Dunno I'm at a loss. Only happens on right click.
  5. This one i can't figure out...been using Pilot2ATC with no problems in MSFS 2020 as the host for a long time now. The only change to my system was removing my old saitek throttles and replacing with a new Honeycomb Bravo. No software additions (I didn't even install honeycomb drivers). But my first flight following this occurred when using the say it interface: If I right click and hold to move the POV around in MSFS, Pilot2ATC will repeat the last phrase sent, and this will happen forever. Whether I'm right-click-hold and drag to pan view, or just right clicking one time the result is the same. Example; if my last ATC contact was "Spirit 32 climbing to FL320" - every time I right click it will repeat that phrase with ATC responding back to it until I send a new phrase and then the looping continues with whatever was last said. And it's not instant. Sometimes the right click will have a delay of 1-3 seconds before the unintended readback happens If i alt+tab out of MSFS to make Pilot2ATC active window and right click , it functions normally. Only is happening with a right click while MSFS is the active window..I made sure to remove any mouse or keyboard shortcut bindings from Pilot2ATC when I was trying to troubleshoot it myself. Happened on every flight since the bravo install. I did install the latest Pilot2ATC over the old install ( I was a version behind) but no change to the problem. Seems like a really weird one! Suggestions appreciated!
  6. This has been this way since version 1.0 unfortunately they haven't figured out much of the GPS since release. I can only believe that GPS team lead got fired a month prior to release lol.
  7. Whole sim is plagued by this issue - they need to fix it soon because when I fly online or with Pilot2ATC it makes for many issues when an expected approach is different. Happens to me with the G1000 aircraft also. I guess its a bug , but if there is any way to work around this it would at least help until they fix it.
  8. Yup. There is a large thread on the official forums with a lot of people having the same results.
  9. One of the best optimizations I've made for stuttering was disabling the automatic cache completely. I would get momentary stutters with that on, despite cache being written to it's own dedicated SSD drive I installed just for that purpose. If you haven't experimented with that maybe give it a shot.
  10. This isn't that kind of issue I can see the pixels from the low res texture being upsized to fit the mesh just moving the POV to look out the left window. It's terrible. *edit* I found a screenshot as example - it looks so terrible.
  11. Oh yeah photogrammetry is a whole other issue for them to deal with - I turned off the photogrammetry as soon as I saw my first "bombed out" cityscape in the distance. It just isn't there functionally yet. The AI does a great job of doing the filling in of a plausible city in the meantime.
  12. Has there been any word from Asobo on this? I flew my 1st tubeliner flight in the a320 after playing all GA aircraft for the first week. I was overall neutral with the product until yesterday. Once i was passing about FL230 I looked out the window on the way to KPIT and ugh... it looked absolutely terrible. Worse than stock X Plane or P3D. I am trying to pour through all settings to see if I can fix it. Nothing like getting 60fps with a texture that looks like it came out of a 2002 game. Plenty of available bandwidth and VRAM so I don't know what's wrong. This was the moment I realized how valuable Ortho4XP is , because the quality I get from that just destroys MSFS2020.
  13. No , it's not. I'm having extremely word not allowed terrain texturing at high altitudes, at 60+fps and gigs of vram remaining. Something is wrong with the game. Flying GA low altitude it looks great. But I just did my first few flights in the a320 and on the climb i couldn't believe how BAD the ortho imagery is at above FL200 .. it looks like a ipad game. My connection was barely downloading data too so it is not a bandwidth issue either (maybe for MS , but my connection was fine)
  14. Has anyone had this happen to them? I am flying my filed plan, and then recieved a STAR to the destination, the transisiton was a waypoint I already passed. I programmed the FMC with the STAR and begin flying the rest of the route. VOXatc then vectored me 180degrees back to the waypoint at the transition which was like a 30min deviation from my position. I ended up just shutting voxatc down and landing on an active runway without ATC Is there any way to request direct to a waypoint so I don't have to do this? Or a workaround?
  15. Hi , just got into simming a few months ago, and bought my first addon payware, the Citation X 2.0 from eaglesoft. I read the manuals and I don't know if I'm doing something wrong but I would really appreciate help! I program the FMC etc and takeoff. Fly onto course and set the AP to NAV and VNAV on and everything is fine. Flight proceeds as planned. Once I receive instructions from the destination ATC I put the runway into the FMC and activate it, set the nav frequency to the ILS, and set course. I switch from NAV to HDG mode and follow altitude instructions from ATC. Around this point in every flight is when it goes awry so I have the feeling it is user error... or a conflict with an addon... I change HDG with the bug but the plane will not turn to the set heading. I have to click the HDG button off and on again for it to 'see' the heading change and then it will make the turn. I adjust altitude and the plane will remain at current altitude as I move the setting up or down. At this point I also see that at the top of my PFD that HDG and ALT are constantly blinking. I would manually fly the headings as directed then just try to use the APP mode of the autopilot to make final approach but at that point none of the autopilot functions were working so neither did the approach. So I have been manually landing my few flights I have attempted. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong? Thanks!
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