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  1. My new little Cessna Mustang. I've improved the interior and exterior of the Flight1 Cessna Mustang aircraft. The screenshots were not edited with any software (photoshop etc) . (FSX Acceleration Pack, Flight1 Cessna mustang)
  2. Falcon art. (FSX Acceleration pack. Default FSX Antalya Int. Airport (LTAI), Carenado Falcon 50EX. The screenshots were not edited with any software (photoshop etc).
  3. I've redesigned Captain Sim L1011 cockpit with reference to real photos. (reference photo: Airliners.net, Photographer: Sam CHUI) https://www.airliners.net/photo/Thai-Sky-Airlines/Lockheed-L-1011-385-1-TriStar-1/913091/L (FSX Acceleration Pack, Captain Sim L-1011) Captain Sim L-1011 Flight Deck Screenshots
  4. Thank you very much n4gix. But, I'm using FSX Acceleration. If I create an .X and .Xanim file using the P3D SDK, will the mdl file that will occur is compatible with FSX? Best regards
  5. Hi. I'm starting to make a plane for FSX. I started modeling the Rafale fighter plane. (I've given some preview views below). I'm using the FSX Acceleration Pack simulator. I'm using 3Ds Max 2016. I installed the SDK software. I downloaded the "XtoMDL UI" software. "XtoMDL UI" program is running correctly. I want to export the model I prepared with 3ds Max 2016 software as ".X" file. However, in 3Ds Max's export menu, there is no .X file in the "Export" options. I couldn't find a solution to this problem. 1- What plugin should I install in 3Ds Max 2016 for .X file export? 2-How do I install plugin for .X file export? (My English is not enough, I would be glad if you can explain with picture if possible. I'm using Google translate.) 3- Is 3Ds Max 2016 a suitable software version? Or should I use another version? (eg 3Ds Max 2009, 2011 etc.) Best regards
  6. I just changed the texture files. I didn't change the model. I reviewed the model. Even the smallest details of the aircraft were modeled perfectly by Wilco, I saw it. All I'm seeing is missing, no 3 sections in the passenger cabin. (bedroom, bathroom and luggage section on the tail) 😋 😁
  7. Hi. I've been looking for a "private jet" for the FSX. I didn't ask for Cerenado Falcon 50 because it was an old aircraft. Carenado business jets were always the old aircraft. (Hawker 850, Cessna Citation etc.). I was looking for a more modern and big jet. (Gulfstream or Falcon etc.). I choose Wilco Falcon 7X. But I didn't like the exterior and interior paint of the aircraft. Therefore I've redesigned the entire aircraft. (flight deck, passenger cabin, exterior paint, engines etc.). I'm still improving my aircraft. I haven't finished yet. I share the first images of my private jet.
  8. Concorde New York (JFK RW-13L) Landing 🙂 (FSX Acceleration Pack, Flight Sim Labs Concorde-X)
  9. Turkish Airlines Boeing 777 New York JFK Landing (FSX Acceleration, PMDG 777)
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