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  1. Turkish Airlines Boeing 777 New York JFK Landing (FSX Acceleration, PMDG 777)
  2. Turkish Airlines Boeing 777 Istanbul - Los Angeles flight Music : R. Kelly - "I Believe I Can Fly"
  3. Thank you so much. Note: Before landing, the speed brake was armed. The speed brakes were automatically opened with the thrust reverser after landing.The speed brake was not on at the time of landing. However, I recorded my landing with the FSrecorderX software. But there is a mismatch between the FSrecorderX software and the PMDG that I don't understand yet. Therefore, the moving parts on the wings do not working correctly when you watch the FSrecorderX recording again. 😕
  4. FSX PMDG Boeing 777 300 Crosswind Hard Landing (HD)
  5. FSX dirty Air France 777 (PMDG 777 200LR + default FSX LFPG airport)
  6. PMDG 777- 300 ER Night Cockpit Landing (Istanbul LTBA, RW24)
  7. FSX PMDG 777 Cockpit Art (Day & Night)
  8. I think this decision of Gulfstream is wrong. Because advertising is always good. Because Lockheed Martin or Microsoft's flight simulators would be a good advert for them. But, Dassault Falcon has no such prohibition. Because Wilco made the Falcon 7X. But it is not a aircraft made of Cerenado quality. Therefore, it is not very enjoyable to fly with this plane. Therefore, I think there is a lack of aircraft in this class in the simulator world. Carenado can fill this gap. I think Carenado's Falcon 50 project is a step in this direction. If Dassault Falcon company has allowed the Falcon 50 jet to be modeled, I think the next step can be Carenado Falcon8X or the Falcon 7X. That's why I believe that Carenado can make a long-range, new generation, luxury and a great business jet. I think such an aircraft would be as famous as the PMDG 747 in the simulator world.
  9. Carenado has gained a lot of experience over many years. I think, Carenado, is number one in the world of simulator for business jets and private jets. As a fan of Carenado, we now want a great long-range, new generation, luxurious and large business jet from Carenado. For example; -Gulfstream G650 -Dassault Falcon 8X -Dassault Falcon 900 etc. (My personal preference is Gulfstream G650) Hopefully Carenado will make our dreams come true with such a plane. I absolutely believe that Carenado will succeed.
  10. FSX QualityWings 787-9 Dreamliner flight deck
  11. Thank you. In the meantime, I started to paint the FedEx MD11 too. I will share screenshots when completed. 😊
  12. buraktunahan

    Carenado anounces new project DA62

    My dreams have come true. Great news. Waiting Impatiently.
  13. My new PMDG MD-11 😊 I have improved some of the liveries and mod I found on the web. The original files are not mine. 😋
  14. buraktunahan

    New MD-11 (New Cockpit & New livery)

    I respect your decision. But please accept: If PMDG company had further developed this aircraft, we would not have to make individual modifications. But The PMDG company has decided not to develop this plane. It's sad. Perhaps I am the voice of many people who want PMDG to further develop this product. But as I stated at the beginning, I respect all your decisions. After all, this is your product and your decision. Goodbye.
  15. buraktunahan

    New MD-11 (New Cockpit & New livery)

    Some new cockpit screenshots.