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  1. I think this decision of Gulfstream is wrong. Because advertising is always good. Because Lockheed Martin or Microsoft's flight simulators would be a good advert for them. But, Dassault Falcon has no such prohibition. Because Wilco made the Falcon 7X. But it is not a aircraft made of Cerenado quality. Therefore, it is not very enjoyable to fly with this plane. Therefore, I think there is a lack of aircraft in this class in the simulator world. Carenado can fill this gap. I think Carenado's Falcon 50 project is a step in this direction. If Dassault Falcon company has allowed the Falcon 50 jet to be modeled, I think the next step can be Carenado Falcon8X or the Falcon 7X. That's why I believe that Carenado can make a long-range, new generation, luxury and a great business jet. I think such an aircraft would be as famous as the PMDG 747 in the simulator world.
  2. Carenado has gained a lot of experience over many years. I think, Carenado, is number one in the world of simulator for business jets and private jets. As a fan of Carenado, we now want a great long-range, new generation, luxurious and large business jet from Carenado. For example; -Gulfstream G650 -Dassault Falcon 8X -Dassault Falcon 900 etc. (My personal preference is Gulfstream G650) Hopefully Carenado will make our dreams come true with such a plane. I absolutely believe that Carenado will succeed.
  3. FSX QualityWings 787-9 Dreamliner flight deck
  4. Thank you. In the meantime, I started to paint the FedEx MD11 too. I will share screenshots when completed. 😊
  5. buraktunahan

    Carenado anounces new project DA62

    My dreams have come true. Great news. Waiting Impatiently.
  6. My new PMDG MD-11 😊 I have improved some of the liveries and mod I found on the web. The original files are not mine. 😋
  7. buraktunahan

    New MD-11 (New Cockpit & New livery)

    I respect your decision. But please accept: If PMDG company had further developed this aircraft, we would not have to make individual modifications. But The PMDG company has decided not to develop this plane. It's sad. Perhaps I am the voice of many people who want PMDG to further develop this product. But as I stated at the beginning, I respect all your decisions. After all, this is your product and your decision. Goodbye.
  8. buraktunahan

    New MD-11 (New Cockpit & New livery)

    Some new cockpit screenshots.
  9. buraktunahan

    New MD-11 (New Cockpit & New livery)

    Thank you so much Ephedrin. But in my first post I could not fix it because the "edit" button did not appear. I'm not used to writing messages on this forum.
  10. buraktunahan

    New MD-11 (New Cockpit & New livery)

    This is just screenshot sharing. I never thought I'd be misunderstood.
  11. buraktunahan

    New MD-11 (New Cockpit & New livery)

    I have improved some of the liveries and mod I found on the web. The original files are not mine. I can not give a download link for this reason. I'm sorry.
  12. New Photorealistic MD-11 (New Cockpit & New livery) (I could not upload the preview of the pictures. Sorry.)
  13. buraktunahan

    Alabeo Diamond DA 62 Project

    Hi everybody. Alabeo Company plans to do DA62 after Diamond DA42? That would be great. I'm sure many people agree with me.