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  1. johnbrander

    Metric vs Imperial....

    Was this ever implemented? I can't find an option to get the weights and fuel page in kg instead of lbs. Using the latest version of X-plane.
  2. So this question remains a mystery?
  3. Very interesting and in depth guide, thanks a lot. My main concern with P3D is indeed running out of VAS so everything in this area catches my interest. However, all of us sitting at home and doing this optimisation seems, well wrong. Is there any reason for the suppliers not doing this and supplying optimised textures? Is this sort of a "new found" or something, meaning that it was not common knowledge even by developers? Meaning also that we may receive updates soon that are indeed optimised from the supplier?
  4. johnbrander

    CDU Preflight ... completed on the checklist

    Ok thanks!
  5. Hi the item "cdu preflight completed" on the before start checklist, is this statement to be found somewhere in the CDU as it is in the 737, i.e. the aircraft telling me that it got all it wants from me? Best regards John
  6. Freemesh is something else, and works together with FTX Global and Vector. I tried it yesterday. Thanks for this, really good work and very nice to see some community added stuff, all the more or less required add ons to Prepared really kills me :-) I tried it out yesterday and it looked really nice (europe). Am I right to assume that this will consume more memory than the stock mesh? Reason I ask is that yesterday on the first test flight I had my first OOM with Prepared 2.5. But I also installed some updates and changed some settings, so adding Freemesh was not the only change I did yesterday.