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  1. The flight simulation market is one of the largest in the world. Aviation just sticks to some people (like us). I checked the website stats (there's a website where you can do that) and he was right...the views topped 31,928 unique. Mostly from the USA. Our hobby is not dying. Im just curious about how many visitors Avsim gets every day lol
  2. TheCyberAndroid

    New sim announced?

    Its a prank
  3. No that's not him...That's the owner of the domain. (Exau Solutions). The guy who made the site has a completely different IP and is based in Colorado, USA. You're looking at the founder of the subdomain. He said its a prank anyway, so i guess that's the end of the thread.
  4. TheCyberAndroid

    New sim announced?

    Its all fake! Apparently it was a prank by the owner!
  5. Wow never heard of that one before...Looks amazing from the screenshots. Lol look at this: ##### i hoped it would be real...damn...
  6. TheCyberAndroid

    New sim announced?

    I think its i've said on other threads, they can't possibly make a sim so quickly, unless they have over 3000 people working on it nonstop. Don't give them any personal information.
  7. I looked up the other Universim game, and it says its "the universim" not "universim" so I guess copyright might not be an issue. Still, the more I think about it, the more it seems like a scam :( too bad though. We need someone to make a modern simulator....
  8. Yeah, since FlightGear was open source, It was copied by like 50 companies, and sold for $100. Lol this one guy I knew bought the pro flight simulator ###### for like $120 thinking it was real...and what arrived was 1 white disc in a plastic envelope, with an old version of flightgear installed on it lmao.
  9. But it can't be worse than this: or this:
  10. I think it does seem a little really doesn't make sense to finish in the summer lol. Also, on their homepage, it says " plus 15 other companies and their products." technically, they could just be using Windows for testing, and say "Microsoft" is their partner, since they're using a microsoft program lmao. They're using an Exau Solutions far as I'm concerned, Exau Solutions is a web design company for start-ups. And why would anyone such a long subdomain? Yeah...don't sign up for anything.