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  1. I use two PCs. The first and slightly weaker, i7-3770k with a R9 290X has one monitor set as VC. The second a i7-4930K with GTX 1080 runs a three monitor surround cockpit external view. I use wide view and wide traffic to sync the two and the performance is excellent. I get 40+ FPS on the GTX 1080 with all the scenery settings at max. (Flying over KSFO) My VC is capped at 60 but can get in to the 100s if allowed. But I have all the scenery at minimum has it's not required. Just one more thing to note. I use very fast SSD for my Boot drives and I have P3D installed on second very fast SSD in both PCs. This gave me about a 25% improvement in frame rate. I think it's due to the fact that P3D uses a lot of info from C: drive. Hope that Helps
  2. Hi. I also have the 1080 running surround view on three monitors. But my 4th monitor is on a second PC which I use for the virtual cockpit. I've just connected it to the 1080 and it does work. There's a few things you need to do... Launch P3D and go into windowed mode, you can press Alt-Enter to do that. Drag the view to cross your three 24" monitors to almost fill them. Open the GPS window, right click and select undock. Drag this window to your 4th monitor and stretch it to almost fill it. Press Alt-Enter again to enter full screen mode again. If it does not fill all three monitors (It didn't when I tried it) Go to the Menu - Options - Setting and check the full screen settings are correct.... The Display now has two options, ensure it's on the Surround view one The Resolution should be the biggest one, I have 5920 x 1080 x 32 for mine. Press OK and you may have to press Alt enter again. Mine was a bit reluctant to do it, but it got there in the end. Hope that helps.
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