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  1. RangerDale

    737 panel state

    thanks peter , got it Thanks Again f for your efforts dale
  2. RangerDale

    737 panel state

    Thanks Peter , But doesn't say too much page 45. when you click on save panel it wants a file name for it ? where in page 45 says how to do that ? when I try to add a file name you can't , cause more likly I am not doing it right , to save am file you have to give it a name ? thats what I want to know how to SAVE a PanelState. Thanks Dale
  3. RangerDale

    737 panel state

    Gents, Reading over the mass text I seem to lost the info ! how to save a PANELSTATE, I did read about it what is does, but how to ??? So could one of you good gents steer me in doing so ?? New owner of 737ngx RangerDale