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  1. To Whom May Concern : Alex Attn Sir, I would like to know How to install selected WayPoints into LittleNav Map Just replacing ones not needing that are already installed . I am not sure what type of files they are so far but am sure could be found on the internet or sugjusted areas from You .. Thanks for all the Efforts that you have done to bring such good program to the Sim world Very out standing program . Thanks For Reading RangerDale ""Dale"" Flight simmer for 22 yrs Retired pilot
  2. RangerDale

    737 panel state

    thanks peter , got it Thanks Again f for your efforts dale
  3. RangerDale

    737 panel state

    Thanks Peter , But doesn't say too much page 45. when you click on save panel it wants a file name for it ? where in page 45 says how to do that ? when I try to add a file name you can't , cause more likly I am not doing it right , to save am file you have to give it a name ? thats what I want to know how to SAVE a PanelState. Thanks Dale
  4. RangerDale

    737 panel state

    Gents, Reading over the mass text I seem to lost the info ! how to save a PANELSTATE, I did read about it what is does, but how to ??? So could one of you good gents steer me in doing so ?? New owner of 737ngx RangerDale