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  1. cesarmarcanove_f

    NGX Short Field Performance Package

    Best post. The NGX with SFP also perfomanced by airports such as Santos Dumont in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, in my country Venezuela airports example as: Los Roques, Churuguara, Anaco, San Cristobal (Paramillo), Yaguaraparo (Rio de Agua), Coche Island (nearest of Margarita), Adicora but all these airports have runways of 1200 meters (4800 ft).
  2. cesarmarcanove_f

    Defunct/Merged Airlines and Aircraft you have flown on?

    Venezuelan Airlines defunt and Merged (included airplanes moved into other venezuelan airlines): AVENSA SERVIVENSA VIASA 1.- B727-100 2.- B727-200 (also included Advanced and Super27) 3.- Douglas DC3 4.- Douglas DC10-30 (Only AVENSA) 5.- Douglas DC6B (Only AVENSA) 6.- B737-300 (4 are now part of Conviasa) 7.- Douglas DC9-30 (are now part of Aserca) 7a.- Douglas DC9-10 (now destroyed after the crash of Flight 742 VIASA incident since March 19, 1969, occurred on the famous former old airport of Maracaibo called "Grano de Oro" now part of the Campus of La Universidad del Zulia today.) 8.- Sud Aviation Caravelle SE210 6R and SE210 6N (Sud Aviation are now Airbus) 9.- Convair 880 and Convair 990 (Only VIASA) 9.- Convair 580 (are now par of Kavoc Airline) 10.- Boeing 737-200 (Only Avensa, and moved to Conviasa, Venezolana and Avior) 11.- Embraer 140 (sadly, no more flights of avensa and the airline went bankrupt and was merged going into joined new airline CONVIASA) 12.- Douglas DC8-53/62/63 (including most famous airplane called "The Colossus" was a Boeing/Douglas DC8-63 of VIASA) LAV - Linea Aeropostal Venezolana (are now called Alas de Venezuela but yet back again as now part of the Venezuelan State for historic reasons for being the first airline in the country since 1928.) 1.- B727-200 (also included Advanced and Super27) 2.- Douglas DC3 (also included a few DC3 called Dakota) 3.- Douglas DC9-10/20/30/40/50 4.- Lockheed Super Constellation L748 5.- Lockheed Super Constellation L1049G RANSA 1.- Boeing 377 Stratocruiser 2.- Curtiss C46 Air Margarita 1.- Lockheed Tristar L1011-400 Many airplanes of Boeing/Douglas DC3 and is now exposed in the aviation museum Maracay and Caracas Museum of Transportation, including the Old Boeing/Douglas DC3 Aeropostal, Boeing / Douglas DC4 "Holy Cow", etc..