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  1. Hi, Could anyone flying the new Leonardo Maddog X in FSX tell me what the lighting is like? I remember the FS 2004 Maddog had excellent dimmable floodlighting on the 2D panels but only instrument dimming in the virtual cockpit. Apparently the P3D version uses Real Light and dynamic lighting. But is there dimmable panel flood lighting in FSX? And what are the landing lights like: custom or standard FSX? Many thanks, PM
  2. Moonflight

    Minimum Specs Question

    Hi, I know the minimum specs state a 2 GB video card, but is there any chance it will run in FSX with a 1 GB card? My card manages the PMDG 777 and 747 v3 very well so I had been hoping it would handle the new Maddog. I flew the previous version endlessly in FS9 and I'd love to buy the new one, but I just can't afford both the plane and a new video card at the moment. Paul
  3. The highly regarded Billund X from Vidan Designs is reduced by 35% at their web site till Feb 28th
  4. Just Flight has announced price reductions on 18 of their older titles, including the BAE 146. See their website for details.
  5. Moonflight

    A2A christmas sale 25%

    +1 for Ant's Airplanes. His T-28 Trojan and CAC Winjeel are both superb - amazing bargains even at full price. And his Ballina Byron Gateway is one of the best freeware airports out there.
  6. Just Flight Christmas Sale starts today. Up to 70% off a dozen FSX/P3D aircraft.
  7. Hi, Just Flight's contribution to the Black Friday frenzy is a pick & mix offer of 2, 3 or 4 aircraft. So, for example, you could buy the Arrow, the Tobago/Trinidad and the Tristar for $50! It seems to include most of their in-house development fleet.
  8. Moonflight

    Flytampa Copenhagen and Athens 30% off

    Hi, Can any Copenhagen owner give me an idea of what the framerates are like in FSX. I have their Athens (which is very smooth) and Vienna (which is a bit more demanding): how does EKCH compare? Many thanks
  9. 40% off most Alabeo planes at SimMarket, till September 24th.
  10. $15.00 off the FF 767 at till the end of today!
  11. Justflight has a sale this weekend on products from their own development team, including the Tobago/Trinidad at less than half price.
  12. Hi, Leafing through some old magazines the other day, I discovered a 1980 Pilot Magazine flight test of the 35A by Peter Duffey. Peter had an enviable career, flying an incredible variety of types including Avro Lancastrians, Yorks and Tudors, Douglas DC-3s, 4s and 7Cs, de Havilland Dragon Rapides, the Comet 1 and Comet 4, the Boeing 707, and finally became a test pilot and BA captain of Concorde. He clearly loves the little jet, finishing his review with, "Please may I have a Learjet to play with when I retire from airline flying this year?" Anyway, if you want to read the flight test, just PM with your email address and I'll send you a copy (if my scanner behaves itself, that is!). Paul
  13. Moonflight

    If there ever is a Lear 35A - 2.8...

    Hi, Great news for those who missed the Learjet's fully dimmable cockpit lighting, which was removed by the 2.8 patch. Flysimware have given us a patch to restore it, if we don't mind using the extra memory. I haven't tested it yet but you can download it here: Paul
  14. Moonflight

    If there ever is a Lear 35A - 2.8...

    Hi Scott, I've written to FSW asking if they would give us a reverse version of the previous VAS patch. That is, a patch that would restore the fully dimmable cockpit lighting for those of us who are prepared to sacrifice some memory. That way, users would have a choice. I personally never had any VAS problems with 2.7. They were very responsive when I contacted them over a problem I was having over key assignments. They're a great developer, and I really like this little jet, but not being able to fly it at night will cut my enjoyment precisely in half. Paul
  15. Moonflight

    If there ever is a Lear 35A - 2.8...

    Oh No!!!! What has 2.8 done to the beautiful cockpit lighting.!? Now only the flood is dimmable - the INSTR and EL PNL lights are either on or off. Can anybody else confirm that this is the case? It's way too bright for comfortable night flying. I presume they've done this to save VAS, but it's a big mistake in my opinion: one of the plane's outstanding features was the fully dimmable cockpit lighting. Really disappointing. Paul