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  1. thx, i have written them. i have no idea what i accomplished to get suspended other than the fact i have 2 id's. but i have a feeling i got suspended then rejoined. still am left wondering what could have been so serious. ? they must be hard to forgive 4 whatever it was !!!
  2. looks like i broke a rule or two. i had an account years ago on vatsim and then another, They are suspended permanently or deleted. I cant use either of them and have not a clue why????????????????
  3. any advice on how to quickly get x-plane 9 online with VATSIM/VATPAC ? AND WHERE DO I FIND MY VATSIM ID Please ?
  4. RedScroop

    question online flying

    Hi Pilots, I just purchaed x-plane 9. I must have missed x-plane 10 somehow ? Ive flown on vatsim/vatpac years ago and i found it a major efort to finally get online but it was worth the trouble. I have forgotten exactlyhow i finally managed it . Could someone nplease npoint me to a link as to how to get x-plane 9 online with vatsim ? Ive clocked up dozens of hours on real aircraft without having a licence. even had a jet fighter retired pilot teach me how to fly and navigate a cessna. I actually liked liked online flying as much fun as the real thing :-) I am st6ill registered on avsim or vatpac and know i have to download xsquarkbox , but thats all i know. So if anyone can supply a link for me to get me flying I would be in your debt. Sincerly, Mick Lynch.
  5. Dear Pilots, Its been several years since I was flying online. back in 2007 I used FSX and it was pretty darn hard to fially get online, but worth all the trouble. Ive clock up lots of hours in cessnas despite not having a licence. Almost went down between Toowoomba and Lismore one day. Well I just purchased X-plane 9, just liked what i had read about it. I have forgotten everything i knew about getting FSX online, Im hoping to get some help here how to get X-plane 9 online with avsim /.vatpac. Am i in the right forum or can you suggest elsewhwere if i am in the wrong place? Thank you for reading, Mike. /