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  1. daveo132

    Help with A2A Comanche and GNS530

    I can't believe it, what an word not allowed (fool) I am!!!!! Just the 430, I mes-read it and thought it was both! Really confused me as the installer (in sim) gave all the options but I guess its a one fits all thing. Wow, bad day here!!!
  2. daveo132

    Help with A2A Comanche and GNS530

    I've tried this on a few aircraft now. Same result every time. 430 works great, 530 no display... FSX:SE
  3. Hi all, I just bought and installed the GNS 430/530 and have tried to get it to work in the A2A Comanche. The 430 works fine but following the same steps for the 530 gets it in the aircraft, all the buttons "work" but there is no display. The A2A configuration is setup to use the 530 but I just get no display... Any ideas?
  4. daveo132

    Steve's DX10 Fixer

    Ah right. Thanks!
  5. daveo132

    Steve's DX10 Fixer

    Can you post / pm me that link? All I keep finding is a link to the flightsim store and I keep getting that same message. Sorry if I've missed another link on here, I'm not very familiar with this forum. Thanks.
  6. daveo132

    Steve's DX10 Fixer

    Is this still available? Every link I find tells me that the product cannot be found??