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  1. twist224

    [13MAY15] Intercontinental breakfast, anyone?

    'All three engine types will be included in the initial release, along with the 400, 400M, 400ER, 400F, 400ERF and 400BCF airplanes.' Quote of what Robert said.
  2. twist224

    [13MAY15] Intercontinental breakfast, anyone?

    I agree Kyle i'm a huge KLM fan aswell and i like the straight line way more
  3. twist224

    [13MAY15] Intercontinental breakfast, anyone?

    if im not mistaken FSX and FSX SE will be released first
  4. twist224

    [13MAY15] Intercontinental breakfast, anyone?

    Can we get too see the 744M in the next previews of the V2 and with of course the Flight deck if that's not to much to ask for, Cant wait for the release have $ 100 just waiting already.
  5. twist224


    Well sorry Officer
  6. twist224

    747V2 isn't that the 74v2 on the screen?
  7. twist224

    Forthcoming Repaints

  8. twist224

    Forthcoming Repaints

    Cant wait for the klm repaints looking foward to it
  9. twist224

    06MAY14 - PMDG 777 SP1/300ER Updates

    747v2 Screenshots Rob
  10. twist224

    14FEB14 - PMDG 777-200LR/F SP1 & 300ER Update

    (steven) i just need to see 1 screenshot of the 747v2 to ease my excitement how about it robert :wink: B)
  11. twist224

    Fsx Issues

    Hi Everyone I've been having some problems with my Fsx. i got a new computer and installed Fsx everything was fine i got over 20 fps till i deleted Fsx to re install when i re installed Fsx all i got was a serious amount of lag like 1 fps and my loading mouse icon is black instead of white i tried deleting everything from Fsx but still no help if anyone knows what could be the problem feel free to help.
  12. twist224

    747-400 version 2 thread?

    Will the 744 V2 contain a combi version