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  1. the "vacuum" I'm referring to is about the future, we figured PMDG is developing the 737 MAX, but there's no such information as far as I know, we'd usually always have some information about future projects, but at that point I do not I see nothing on the horizon, so I keep my suggestion, the Embraer line is popular in the real and virtual world, it has many variations, it is certainly a "marketable" product, but if you opt for a 767 or even a 787, I would not complain , at that moment I would only find it unnecessary to make expansions for the 777, I do not know about you, but I want a new aircraft, completely new, something different to fly
  2. hello guys, I imagine that PMDG will still make the 737 max, but what we see afterwards is a "vacuum" of information about future projects, so I would like to raise the idea of pmdg look sideways and consider doing the series EMB170/175/190/195, are very popular airplanes worldwide and of great acceptance in the virtual market too, I think it would sell very well, as we are lacking a good model, the feelthere never attended properly fellas, if you agree with me make it come to pmdg guys If the PMDG thinks about doing another boeing, the 767 would be very welcome.
  3. Particularly, I'm afraid, that at some point LM decides to throw the p3d in the trash and move the team to work on a larger project like the F-35 that has been a headache for them, and we, who invested in FSX and Then we decided to reinvest in P3D, we ended up becoming "orphans"
  4. Hello everyone, recently I saw some producers saying that they would no longer develop for our beloved FSX / FSE to dedicate exclusively to P3D, and I believe that PMDG follow the same path I have the dovetail for some time, and although I have never flown for a long time in it, occasionally I go in and check it out, and I realize that it is very interesting, and has the advantage of already being an x64 platform, Same structure of the ESF I believe that the conversion would not be so complicated, is it possible that PMDG, like the other producers are looking at this option too? I confess that I would love to see it become an option to P3D, what do you think?
  5. If pmdg is working on a 4-engine model, who could be the DC8 * But I believe it to be the 747-800 * For those who talk in the market, I still think 727 is a product with a great sales appeal, it's an aircraft that separates boys from men, and it's the men who carry the key from the safe The 727 despite being an old aircraft, virtually all the world's airships have already used, in the first world they used it for a long time, and many of the third world still use, it can also be used on any type of route, either with charge Or with pax, in addition I never knew someone who did not like 727
  6. I think the 767 is a good alternative, because LVL-D has an overhead that looks like paper pasted in a box, just 2 or 3 videos on youtube for me to give up any possibility of purchase, if pmdg made a 767, I would buy for sure, but I still prefer a 727
  7. Wooow I'm glad this topic has grown so Then there are some arguments in favor of 727: - I never met anyone who did not like it. - everybody Loves Powerful - pretty - multi use - all the great companies in the world have used - has modernized versions with fmc - in older versions, with INS and on-board engineer, there could be an optional "virtual engineer" for the lazy - it is true that the young people who are arriving today in the simulation, prefer modern aircraft and simple to fly, but most of the time they usually take "obscure versions of the depths of the internet" and this ends up giving no return - With proper and well-positioned cameras in the cab, operating it will not be such a difficult one as long as you guarantee simple access to all vital parts of the operation - a good manual like you usually do, solve all the doubts
  8. Yes, besides being beautiful, he had an incredible performance, was a perfect bird
  9. My first name is Michael but "Mike" is okay :) Let's up this idea until we reach the bigboss Randazzo and all the PMDG staff #WEWANT727
  10. Hello friends, now that we have 747v3, the 737NGx and the modern and wonderful 777, how about a different aircraft? How about the wonderful and passionate 727? I'm sure many people here share this idea, after all the only thing available is the one "made by the captain" that sucks A 727 made by you, would be greatly appreciated, since the last one really good, is so old that it divided the skies with pterodactyls To have a version of this incredible aircraft would be epic, starting from the classic model with INS up to the current ones updated with FMC and systems in general, that still are much used for cargo, what you think?
  11. Here the panel went gray when I walked into the darkest and dense layer of fog, the soil did not realize this "effect"
  12. thanks for your help, do you know if this will be fixed? My water is better with the shaders3 and I like to keep it
  13. I started this flight just to test the radar weather but I realized this problem so I went into the fog I scored the occurrence with the arrows, anyone else had this problem when he entered the fog?
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