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  1. Pls help, i have catalyst 13.11 and when i change the process priority to real time (fsx.exe) i play normal. But sound like *scratch* sometimes, when i dont doing this i have black screen after enter to any menu or alt+tab (but sounds play well, game not crash). Can anybody help? Sorry for my english ( I tryed to use others versions of catalyst, but its not help. i5-3570, HD7850 ty
  2. Hi, im using 13.251(13.12) and have same problem. Not crash, but black screen after alt+tab or FSP menu for exmpl. I dont know what to do. Cos if i install 13.152 i have APP crash atiumdag.dll..i buy video card three days ago and cant play fsx normaly. Whats wrong with AMD :angry: sorry for my english Also may can check box DX10 and after alt+tab just alt+enter. But DX10 its temp solution i think =/