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  1. BaldyB, I am really hoping to see you update this thread, as I built a similar machine and want to decide on VR for Prepar3D and XP 11. Thanx!
  2. zeddock

    My Next Add-On...

    UPDATE: I have been able to make it work by starting them as Admin and adding the files to my Antivirus program. But now it is failing when I try to start FSX. Flight Simulator has detected a problem with third-party software programm (add-on): Name: AS Connect Version: File: as_srv\as_btstrp.dll Do you want to run this software (not recommended)? ??? zeddock
  3. zeddock

    My Next Add-On...

    "Wrong" is feeling kinda relative right now. ASN is looking pretty impressive as I open it, but it bombs pretty quickly with the "ASN cannot control ambent weather parameters correctly,..." I am reading about the error and trying to fix it, but it seems to really want me to open up all of the securtiy and change a bunch of stuff just to work. I am nervous about that. Any thoughts? Thanx! zeddock
  4. zeddock

    My Next Add-On...

    OK. I am progressing and wonder.... Which weather engine should I add to Rex4/Orbx to allow me to fly in weather that does a good job at mimmicing what is happening in real time at the airport? I think: 1. OPUS. 2. Rex weather... but it looks like it is not yet released! 3. Anything else? Thanx! zeddock
  5. zeddock

    FSX slew mode

    Do you mean they should just work now? Because the do not. Something is wrong. The numpad changes views. The Q seems to change me up in Altitude, but the A just switches views. The cursor keys seem to change forward and back. Base don this, it looks like I have other keys assigned to wrong things, but I do not know where. What should they be? And should I be changing them in FSX native assignments or in FSUIPC4? Thanx! Below is what I found listed elsewhere on the net. But mine does not match. Like Q is same on mine, but it is Z, not A that goes down. I am leery to change it until I understand more or if someone can tell me why this is and what to do to correct? Thanx! Slew Mode (on/off): YHeading North/Attitude Level: CTRL+SPACEBAR Freeze All Movement: Num Pad 5 Slew Forward: Num Pad 8 Slew Backward: Num Pad 2 Slew Left: Num Pad 4 Slew Right: Num Pad 6 Slew Up Slowly: Q or F3 Slew Up Quickly: F4 Slew Down Slowly: A Slew Down Quickly: F1 Freeze Vertical Movement: F2 Rotate Left: Num Pad 1 Rotate Right: Num Pad 3 Pitch Nose Up: 9 Pitch Nose Up Quickly: F5 Pitch Nose Down: F7 or 0 Pitch Nose Down Quickly: F8 Freeze Pitch: F6 Bank Left: Num Pad 7 Bank Right: Num Pad 9
  6. Rob, Just for the record... you are right too! My sight picture is probably the most important part of the sim practice. I plan to get the add-on in a while. Waiting for work... and money... to pick up first. Anyone out there have a used TrackIR they would like to sell?
  7. zeddock

    My Next Add-On...

    Are you talking about this? I see some very concerning posts about them here:
  8. I appreciate ALL the info, but fppilot is correct that it can overwhelm easily. I have it down pretty good now, guys! My father, a pilot, AandP and IA, tested the sim for me and agrees it is approaching the feel and use we wanted for me to practice... even better... The practice has helped SO MUCH, that I have gotten 3 landings done, for real! Now I am practicing even more on the sim. ..You might be able to help with these 3 things: A. I read somewhere, WAY BACK, that FSUIPC takes information AFTER the device is calibrated by the windows drivers. This was posted in 2005 so I am curious if I still need to calibrate my devices through windows control panel which will make a difference in FSUIPC4.? B. Slew?! I want to position my plane on final at different airports across the USA to practice landings. I have almost all controls except keyboard going through FSUIPC now, with GREAT SUCCESS. How do I easily set up the Slew on my FSUIPC4? Is there a better way? Like Slew Assist? C. (Not really a device thing) There is a simulated VASI at an airport I use in RL that does not have a VASI in RL. Is there a quick edit somewhere I can change to NO VASI? Thank you all! zeddock PS. I almost forgot... I tried to install LINDA to make configs easier, but it seemed to erase/replace all of my FSUIPC assignments to zero. Is there a way to have Linda pick up the configs from FSUIPS so I will not have to duplicate?
  9. zeddock

    My Next Add-On...

    Just the terminology like lights and other settings. But you are likely right. I installed this... or tried... but it looks like only a FS 2004 product? Also, I cannot figure out how to use it once installed. zeddock
  10. zeddock

    FSX slew mode

    I have deleted all Axis assignments in native FSX. I left the keyboard assignments for now. What now? Go back to FSUIPC4 and assign stuff for the SLEW controls? Should I delete all of the keyboard assignments too in native FSX? Thanx! Zeddock
  11. zeddock

    My Next Add-On...

    I installed Global. Then Rex4 Then Vector Then updated Global to 1.20 There seems to be some overlap and I am not at all sure of how to use them. I am relying completely on FSUIPC4 now for the controllers. I installed a Cessna 150 as that is what I am flying for training now. How do I know if Rex4 is working properly and with Global? Also since there is not yet a region for me around Morgantown, WV, I am on the basic one, though I see some things within FTX that suggest it loaded other things. Everything looks better but I would like some sort of dashboard to show what overides what! Maybe one will work better at some things than the other? I see two other add-ons that might help: Linda seems to be a better dashboard than the native FSUIPC4, but I do not know if it will conflict with anything. Also, a suggestion of using Addit! Pro: Aircraft & Add-on Manager/Installer for FSX. Has anyone here experience with this? WOuld it help me to know what add-ons are functioning? Would it conflict with the other things I have going? Thanx so much for all of the help here! zeddock Hans! You have been a big help. Thank you. I am looking now at the FS Genisis mesh add-on you suggested. I have found a WV mesh here. Is this going to corrupt or displace what I have installed with Orbx and Rex4? or does this add to it? Thanx! zeddock
  12. I found this to be what many have already found and reported... After deleting all of the axis assignments from FSX native, and carefully assigning them in FSUIPC4, the jitter is gone. zeddock
  13. zeddock

    Aileron Jitter

    I am finding, as others have posted about duplicated axis, that when I have turned on the FSX native controller, so that the HAT view switch works, it creates the jitters. So, I take that to mean I have a setting mapped in FSX for the Aileron axis too. Guess I need to find that and delete it? zeddock
  14. I posted this somewhere else and realized I was the only poster in the thread! It may be I am posting too much, but honestly, I am trying to post to help others as much as myself. I did a search for fixing this behavior but the only germane posts had to do with older units and dirty pots. Since this behavior started after one calibration change in particular, I do not think that is the case.... other reasons too. Here is the problem: If untouched, the yoke stability in my virtual cockpit is displayed fine. But any change on left or right aileron creates jitter in the displayed yoke position and aileron position, (as I changed view to outside of plane.) This is distracting visually and each jump seems to impact the whole visual display. Now seeing the ailerons are bouncing and jittering with any change in yoke position, (but then stable if I stop changes,) I am thinking it is having an impact in the aileron surfaces while flying as well! Any ideas? There is a post HERE that suggests I may need to trash the configuration I have worked so hard to get and start over, so I am hoping that is not the case and asking here first! Thanx... zeddock
  15. I am getting REALLY CLOSE now! But one of the things I have done created a jitter in the ailerons! If untouched, the yoke is displayed fine. But any change on left or right aileron creates jitter in the displayed yoke position and aileron position. This is distracting visually and each jump seems to impact the whole visual display. Any ideas? Thanx... zeddock