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  1. Schnitzelgr

    In-app purchases the same for iPhone and iPad?

    Nope. Restore purchases should work. Do you have an error message ?
  2. Schnitzelgr

    Flight Attitude At Fixed Altitude

    What kind of altitude and speed ? In real life you shouldn't be over 250kts below 10000 feet. This also is as IF said due to old models that aren't as realistic as the 737. Have a good day
  3. Schnitzelgr

    ATC Feature Explination

    It will be in the next new feature of Infinite Flight, the multiplayer. This page shouldn't have been released. You can find some news on the multiplayer on their website : Have a good day Schnitzelgr
  4. Schnitzelgr

    Change view

    Ok thanks Ayki but it doesn't work to change view with the mouse... Sorry for the late answer but may i have a screenshot ? Or do you have a video ? Or anything like that ? Thanks again Schnitzelgr
  5. How can we change view when you are in a cockpit of a plane ? I run XP 10 demo on a MacAir if that helps you... Thanks for your answers schnitzelgr
  6. I have XP10 demo on a MacAir and I don't know how to change the cockpit view.... To see in my left, right... Thanks for your answers schnitzelgr
  7. Schnitzelgr

    Does Infinite Flight support Blue Tooth game controllers

    No, IF doesn't support other controllers than your phone.