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  1. davideguadagno

    787 QW

    Is nobody going to open a topic about the CDU? Well I will!!! any ideas of making one?
  2. davideguadagno

    When Do You Expect To See An A380?

    cant edit my previous post but any case https://trello.com/c/Hu3tSiIb
  3. davideguadagno

    When Do You Expect To See An A380?

    I think never from my POV, Matt Davies said something about it but, now its been 1 or 1-1/2 month ago that rumor come out, as for Qualitywings 787 that should of come out this summer, maybe they intended end-of-summer, so September? we all need a magic ball ^^
  4. davideguadagno

    Hyper Threading & P3D V4?

    Hi guys, I just updated my new RiG i7-7700k with Maximus IX Code and will soon OC to 5.0Ghz (coming from AMD FX-4300 @ 4.6Ghz) any more idea about HT ON or OFF? do we need to set the AffinityMask? or better ask has any of you (testers) tested the new P3Dv4 any modifying the .cfg?
  5. davideguadagno

    FSFX Server Issue?

    not even the community center is working on ChasePlane #####!
  6. davideguadagno

    FSFX Server Issue?

    nothing, still unable to download edit: my money that I paid is paying for the server and strangely is not working
  7. davideguadagno

    FSFX Server Issue?

    I have the same problem, want download my assets and i sent ticket @ support
  8. davideguadagno

    Wasnt ready for P3D v4?

    on v3 works perfectly