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  1. Yeah... I'm gonna take a break and go do something productive. Think we're in for a long wait.
  2. Well, seeing as PMDG busted their "within 60 days" estimate for an update I don't see a problem with discussing other aircraft. Especially seeing as Flight Factor are one of the few X-Plane developers that come close to PMDG levels of fidelity. If PMDG actually gave us something to talk about, I'm sure we'd be discussing that instead!
  3. Meh. Waiting for news from PMDG is like waiting for the second coming. I'm also convinced that it's going to be the DC-6 so I've stopped caring. The IXEG 737 looks promising though. That should give me my Boeing fix.
  4. Pretty much just the latter. I'm fairly sure it will be the DC-6. Just don't want it to be.
  5. Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope. NOT THE DC-6!
  6. Back to the discussion about 'which aircraft', I will be gutted if it's the DC-6. I'd almost put money on the fact that it will be though. I hate it when developers of typically modern aircraft start putting out vintage models. Eagle Dynamics did it when they released DCS: P-51 after the A-10C and it felt like a cheap way to make easy money back then. Unfortunately this sort of things seems to be happening more and more. Less avionics to model, simpler, faster to push out, higher profit margins. For those of us interested in modern systems simulation though it is a very sad trend. I would definitely NOT buy a DC-6 which is a shame, because I'm sure it would be a good simulation but I feel the need to press the message that I want purely modern aircraft and I will vote with my wallet if I have to. I also feel it would also be a bad way to gauge interest in the X-Plane market for PMDG because a lot of people feel the same way and are just not interested in antiquated aircraft designs. If PMDG's second release was to be a modern one however, I would jump at the chance to buy it.
  7. The electronic checklists and runway advisory system of the PMDG 777 are a good example of systems that aren't even included on the FF 777. The virtual cockpit and external models are also more accurate and realistic in their dimensions and textures. As far as I know, PMDG also simulates the 777's CDU's correctly where as the FF version uses a single CDU display that is cloned, istead of two independent systems. The FMC modeled by FF is also more basic than PMDG's.
  8. This thread is full of issues with the FF 757. I have had lots of issues with the FMC causing crashes, texture glitches. I also said 'in my opinion'. Some people might disagree and there are always going to be some who have more issues than others. That's the nature of complex software. It is my opinion however that PMDG's latest efforts are higher fidelity than what FF have been offering and more polished in their graphics and systems modelling. Watch a few videos of the FF 777 and PMDG 777 side by side and see which you think looks like the more complete package. I think the majority would agree that PMDG beats FF on most counts. I'm not saying that the FF version is bad. In fact it's one of the best around for X-Plane. For me though at least, there is an obvious quality difference.
  9. Boeing 717? Think about it... PMDG have experience with both the MD 11 and Boeing 737/777. It's fairly modern, simpler than the bigger jets and right along PMDG's line of expertise. I'd be happy with something like that. EDIT: It's now 57 days since the 'within 60 days' estimate for the news release.
  10. I think one of the FF guys said something like "maybe one day soon..." About the 767. It makes a lot of sense though. The 757 and 767 are almost identical in their cockpit layout and systems. So much so that they share a common type rating. I would be SHOCKED if FF didn't put out a 767 next. As for PMDG, I think they should focus on more modern aircraft as this is where they have a lot of experience. They know Boeing systems inside out and there is a huge gap in the X-Plane market for a 737NGX. I own the FF 757 and while it is excellent, I would not say it has the same level of finish as the PMDG products. Graphically and systems wise it is slightly behind in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, they make great products but not PMDG outstanding.
  11. I know it's extremely unlikely, but if it's the 737NGX or 777 I will be unbelievably happy. I've been waiting to see a modern Boeing for X-Plane for far too long. Fingers crossed it's not some antiquated piece of junk with piston engines. I'm tired of flying vintage aircraft. I want some PMDG style modern avionics!
  12. I would like some news before the end of the month but with SP1 patch and fixes going through for the FSX 777 I think they probably have their hands quite full at the moment. They said they would have the 777 on Prepar3d by Q1-Q2 of 2014 and as far as I know, there has been no more news regarding that. Being a flight sim enthusiast, you quickly learn to be extremely patient.
  13. PMDG Development for Xplane: We are nearing completion on our first project for Xplane! As we have previously mentioned, this project is designed to be a development catalyst to help us learn how to work with that platform more effectively- and it has been a great exercise thus far. We will be unveiling the project sometime in the next 60 days (estimated) and we will also announce the second project for Xplane at that time...
  14. I just hope it's something with advanced avionics. Preferably a Boeing.